1 Lyga

The 1 Lyga is the second highest league in Lithuanian football. In the of Lietuvos Futbolo Federacija, the national association, discharged the competition climbers are determined in the A Lyga.


After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, 1 Lyga was played for the first time for the 1991 season. At that time participated 16 teams. Since then, the number of participating teams changed several times between eight and sixteen. Today there are ten teams.

Record champions since founding the League FK Dainava Alytus with a total of three tracks (two of them as Alytis Alytus ).

In the 2010 season set the record champion of the country, FBK Kaunas, after its relegation to the third division a new points record. Kaunas won all 27 games and finished the season with 81 points Ascent of second-placed Alytis Alytus, which came to 51 points.

Current mode

In the 1 Lyga currently ten teams are represented. They play three times against each other, so that each comes to 27 season games. The standings after the last game is promoted in the A Lyga. The-table rises automatically in the third class II Lyga.

Master since 1999

Participants 2012

  • Lietava Jonava
  • Nevėžis Kėdainiai
  • FK Trakai
  • Atletas Kaunas
  • Granitas Vilnius
  • FK Palanga
  • FK Šilutė
  • Polonija Vilnius
  • Venta Kuršėnai
  • Lifosa Kėdainiai

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