The Adecco Ligaen is the second highest league in Norwegian senior football. Between 1963 and 1990, the League was second divisjon and then up to the 2004 season 1 divisjon. Since 2005, it bears the name of the sponsor Adecco, a provider of personnel services.


It play 16 teams in the league. While the top two teams ascend directly into the Tippeligaen, get the four last placed directly into the Oddsenligaen. From the 2012 season, a qualifying tournament for a place in the relegation matches against the third last of the Tippeligaen takes place. Play in the semifinals of the third - home against the sixth-placed and the. Fourth - home against fifth-placed The winner of the game 3rd - 6th plays at home against the winner of 4th - 5th The winner of this game then denies the relegation to the climb.


In the 2008 season there were some specifics regarding promotion to the Tippeligaen and the descent from there: Due to the increase in the Tippeligaen from 14 to 16 teams, the then top three teams in the Adecco Ligaen rose to directly, the fourth-placed played with the second- last the Tippeligaen two relegation matches. Only the last dismounted directly. Until the 2010 season, the top two teams went directly to the Tippeligaen. Before the 2010 season, the NFF introduced a qualifying tournament, which disputed with the third -, fourth - and fifth-placed. Here, in the semifinals of the last third of the Tippeligaen played against the fifth-placed Adecco Ligaen, and the third against fourth-placed. The winners then played in a return match for the final qualifying place in the League Tippeligaen. In the 2012 season, this scheme has been slightly modified: now the teams playing in the squares 3-6 in a knockout round against each other and the winner of the final game denies two relegation matches against the third last of the Tippeligaen.

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