A Lyga

The A Lyga is the highest league in the Lithuanian football. In the of Lietuvos Futbolo Federacija, the national association, discharged competition of Champions is played.


1922 for the first time a national championship was played. Claimed the title at the time LFLS Kaunas. After 1940, the inclusion in the Soviet Union, the championship was canceled and abolished the independent championship.

Between 1945 and 1989, although a Lithuanian champion is played, had this competition in the USSR, however, only the rank of a Regional Championship. As the only Lithuanian club Zalgiris Vilnius managed to at least temporarily move up to the highest Soviet league.

In 1990, a regular master was played after the independence of the country again. These took the best four teams in the Lithuanian national and Baltic League in the Cup mode with return game. Master was Sirijus Klaipeda on penalties to FK Zalgiris Vilnius.

In 1991, the national champion was pitted in a transitional season in which began the Lithuanian teams from the Baltic League and the top six teams in the former Lithuanian league. Each team played once against each other, so that 14 game season were to complete each club. Then the first four played in the Cup mode, the national champion, Zalgiris Vilnius from.

For the 1991/92 season the number of teams was reduced to 14 and abolished the playoffs. 1993/94 Championship was reduced to twelve clubs, three years later to eight clubs. This then played during the season four times against each other. 1997/98 the comprehensive eight teams first and second division were combined. After several clubs not competed, participated in 1998/99 only 13 teams in the championship part. In the fall of 1999, it came with ten teams on a transitional season, as the Saisonverlaufab 2000 was adapted to the calendar year. 2003 and 2004, only eight teams were represented in the top division since 2005, there are another ten.

Several teams changed their given during the Soviet era name after independence.

Current mode

In the A Lyga ten teams are represented. They play four times in two home and away games against each other, so that each comes to 36 season games. The standings after the last game day Lithuanian national champion. The-table rises automatically to the second division, the last but one occurs in relegation matches against the vice-champion of the second division.

Previous champions


Since 1990

  • 2004: FBK Kaunas
  • 2005: Ekranas Panevezys
  • 2006: FBK Kaunas
  • 2007: FBK Kaunas
  • 2008: Ekranas Panevezys
  • 2009: Ekranas Panevezys
  • 2010: Ekranas Panevezys
  • 2011: Ekranas Panevezys
  • 2012: Ekranas Panevezys

Participants 2013

  • FK Dainava Alytus
  • Banga Gargždai
  • Lietava Jonava (N)
  • Atlantas Klaipeda
  • Sūduva Marijampolė
  • Kruoja Pakruojis
  • Ekranas Panevezys (M)
  • FK Šiauliai
  • Tauras Tauragė
  • Zalgiris Vilnius

UEFA five year ranking

Position in the UEFA five year ranking (in brackets the previous year placement). The abbreviation CL and EL countries behind the coefficients indicate the number of representatives in the 2014/15 season of the Champions League and the Europa League.

  • 35 (36 ) Moldova Moldova (league, cup ) - coefficient: 7,666 - CL: 1, EL: 3
  • 36 (33 ) Ireland Ireland (league, cup ) - coefficient: 7.375 - CL: 1, EL: 3
  • 37 (35 ) Lithuania Lithuania (league, cup ) - coefficient: 6.500 - CL: 1, EL: 3
  • 38 (40 ) Kazakhstan (league, cup ) - coefficient: 5.958 - CL: 1, EL: 3
  • 39 (38 ) Latvia Latvia (league, cup ) - coefficient: 5.791 - CL: 1, EL: 3

As of the end of the European campaign of 2012/13