FK Arsenal Tivat

The FK Arsenal Tivat is indigenous to the Montenegrin town of Tivat football club, founded in 1919.


The FK Arsenal Tivat was founded in 1919 in the same city in the Bay of Kotor. He is after the FK Lovćen the second oldest football club in the country. In 1937 and 1940, entered for the qualification to the 1st league, but missed this. So you played in the following years until the independence of Montenegro always in the lower leagues, although the FK Arsenal was added to the 2006/07 season in the newly created Druga Crnogorska league. There, however, the FK Arsenal could hold only up to the 2008/09 season, when you had to say goodbye to the eleventh in the third division. In the 2011/12 season reached the summit of the treca Crnogorska League, the club now in the Druga Crnogorska takes league.

Famous Players


  • Winning the treca Crnogorska League 2011/12