Lega Pro Prima Divisione

The Lega Pro Prima Divisione (formerly Serie C1 ) is the third highest Italian professional football league. Organizer of the League Lega Italiana Calcio is the Professionistico, a sub-organization of the Italian Football Federation FIGC.


The Lega Pro Prima Divisione is divided into two seasons with 18 teams. In each season, the teams will play in home and away leg against each other so that a team completed 34 games during the season, of which each half at home and abroad.

Beginning of the season is usually in early September, the end of season in early May. The first round ends, as in Italy, before Christmas and the second round starts usually on the first Sunday after January 6. Game day each Sunday afternoon, a game is, however, on Mondays instead. A few clubs play their home games already out on Saturdays.

The allocation in the two seasons is usually based on geographical criteria. In Girone A majority play teams from Northern Italy, while teams from South and Central Italy usually in Girone B play. The classification by geographic areas is often overridden to avoid risk games. The teams in Central Italy change relatively frequently, the squadron, so the squadron size of 18 clubs can be met.

Promotion to Serie B

As in all Italian leagues, it is also in the Prima Divisione an annual promotion and relegation. After the season to increase to a total of four teams, two each from each season. The winner of each season comes right on to Serie B, the clubs on positions two to five play in promotion playoffs the second climber from. In this case, the runner meets the semifinals first to fifth-, third place on the table Fourth. The winner after return game play in the finals of the second climber. Is it in the semifinals after round-trip game is tied, so that crew move into the play-off final, which was better placed after the regular season.

In the finals will be played a half-hour extension in the event of a tie after cumulative return game initially. If then there is still no winner is determined, the end of the season better placed club advance to the B series.

Descent into the Seconda Divisione

The-table one season descends directly into the Seconda Divisione end of the season. In a play-out which teams will play in the squares 14 to 17 two more relegated, so that every year a total of six teams from the Prima relegated to the Seconda Divisione. The team meets to rank 14 in return game on the team that is after the regular season number 17. In a second duel, the teams compete in 15th and 16 against each other. Is it by two times 90 minutes a draw, the better placed after the regular season team remains in the Prima Divisione.


Unlike in other European leagues, the Series C- teams identify their own Cup and Supercup winner. The Ten Best Serie C1 clubs usually take part in the regular Cup tournament, the other teams are playing out of their own Coppa Italia Serie C winner. Since 2000, in addition, a Supercup game takes place in the C series. The winners of the two squadrons doing so determine the finalists and this one plays with the Coppa Italia Serie C winner by the Italian Supercup Series C.


Today's Prima Divisione went in 1978 from the division of Series C into two separate leagues out, the Serie C1, then on the third-highest division, and the series C2, then on the fourth highest league. Responsible for the operation of gambling was the Lega Nazionale Semiprofessionisti.

From the beginning, the league was divided into two squadrons with 18 teams from a geographic perspective. In Girone A played teams from North and Central Italy, in Girone B team from southern and central Italy. The first ascent scheme saw four direct climber found in the B series, so the top two every season. The teams in the squares 15 to 18 rose directly from the C2 series.

In 1986, the Lega Nazionale Semiprofessionisti in Lega renamed Professionisti Series C and reformed for the season 1987/88 the ascent and descent. In addition to the two winners of each season played the two third-placed another newly promoted to Serie B from. As relegated now three teams per season were provided, no longer four.

Two innovations were introduced equal to 1993/94 season. Firstly, there were now three instead of the previous two points for a win, on the other hand were the pitted and losers, with the exception of the respective first and last placed in a play-off, respectively, play-out system.

In the game in 2004/ 05 and 2005/ 06 there was a change in the scale divisions. Instead of a north-south distinction, the teams were divided into two seasons according to the criterion west-east.

For the 2008/09 season the league changed its name from Serie C1 in Lega Pro Prima Divisione, as well as the Serie C2 Lega Pro Seconda Divisione now called. On the format and mode changed in principle nothing.

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