FC Esperia Viareggio

The FC Esperia Viareggio is an Italian football club based in Viareggio, a town in the Tuscany region. The club's colors are white and black. As the stadium club serves the Stadio Torquato Bresciani in Viareggio, it can accommodate 7,000 spectators.


The club was founded in 1919 as Viareggio Calcio and participated in the following season for the first time participated in a regular league play. The team rose to the Promozione Toscana in a division of the regional amateur operation, and recovered a year later for the Prima Categoria qualify. After a year later, following relegation to the Seconda Divisione the team spent four years in the same league. It was followed by the first name change of the association, who took Unione Sportiva now as Viareggio. The club was represented the next six years in amateur leagues and rose after winning the Prima Divisione Interregional for season 1933/34, for the first time in the second highest league, Serie B, on. The club spent three years in the league and had as Table in the season 1936/37, take the course in the C series. A year later, the club went one step deeper and was excluded from the game because of its insolvency for the season 1938/39. A year later, finally followed by the foundation Associazione Sportiva as Viareggio Calcio and the team was allowed to enter into the regional amateur league.

Because of World War II Viareggio remained from 1940 to 1945 all tournaments and league games away and paused during that time. The resumption of gaming operations in 1945, was completed with the rise in the B series. The team managed only in the first year in the league and in the following season the League receipt was missed. The Tuscan team was during the 1950s and 60s, almost continuously active except for two short seasons, where the ascent was won in the third highest league in the lower leagues and in regional amateur league. Between 1968 and 1974 the team again played in Serie C and then dropped again for several years in the lower leagues back. The 1980s in Viareggio were marked by many years amateur football, only in 1990 it was possible to re- qualify for participation in a professional league sure when the club was able to ascend to the fourth- highest division, Serie C2. In this, the club played the next four years to the front ranks and thereby missed promotion to the next higher league just barely.

In 1994, again followed a setback for the club, as its financial difficulties were known and Viareggio then had to file for bankruptcy. In the same year the club was refounded as Associazione Calcio Viareggio and classified in Excellenza Toscana, bringing the team in the sixth-highest league level launched a fresh start. Only three years later, the team was represented in professional football after the recent rise in the C2 series. The Tuscan club could achieve in four years in a row in the league, rose after the 2001/ 02 season, but in the D series from. In the following season again managed not to stop the descent and the club was relegated again. In addition, again the financial problems of the club were known and this was then refounded as Football Club Esperia Viareggio and classified in the regional amateur league.

After the re-emergence was missed in the next two years, succeeded in the 2005/06 season as the winner of Excellenza Toscana promotion for the D series and a year later with the renewed rise of the return in a professional league. In the 2007 /08 season was thereby secured the class as a Fifth Last the fourth highest league only in the playoffs and made ​​it a year later as the runner Lega Pro Seconda Divisione the promotion to the next higher league.

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