• Euro 2000
  • UEFA Cup Final 2006

The Philips Stadium is a football stadium in the Dutch city of Eindhoven, North Brabant province. It is the home stadium of PSV Eindhoven and now offers 35 119 courts ( 800 loge seats and 1,186 business seats ). Since the stadium was not built all at once, but gradually expanded over time, developed strong asymmetries.

Stadium history

In 1913, played the Philips Sports Club Eindhoven on this site, which presented the Philips Group available. Philips then took over the club, so he called factory club. 1916 was the 25th anniversary of the first Philips grandstand built, and in 1933 a second for 900 spectators, which was also covered. 1938 scoreboard with clock was installed in the stadium, which was seen as a technical novelty. In 1941 it was decided to rebuild the stadium to an athletics track, whereby the capacity increased to 18,000 places.

In 1958 another major change: the athletics track was removed and the grandstands each increased so that now 22,000 spectators in the stadium took place. Likewise, high floodlight masts 46 meters have been installed. 1977 a new grandstand was built, which in turn increased the capacity to 27,000 seats this time. In 1988 they built the South Stand, which is still in the stadium today, produced in 1993 to the west and east stand with each 4,500 seats, 1996, the North Stand was opened 10,000-seat. 2000 took place the last major change for the European Championship in the Netherlands and Belgium. The four corners have been closed, in order to achieve the current capacity. In the stadium, spectators are located under the roof radiant heaters are used for heating.

On 1 September 2009 broke on the VIP grandstand on the west side of the stadium, a fire, which was caused by welding works.


In the Euro 2000 group matches were held in Eindhoven Stadium.

In 2006, with the Eindhoven Philips Stadium hosted the final of the UEFA Cup in 2005/ 06, the 4-0 was won by Sevilla FC against FC Middlesbrough. In the stadium addition to sporting events include music concerts.


The seat in Block D, row 22, seat 43 on the south stand is in memory of Frits Philips, the former chairman of Philips, remain free. This was decided by the club in 2005; after Frits Philips died at the age of 100 years.

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