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The Villa Park is the football stadium of the football club Aston Villa in Birmingham, England. The capacity of the venue is 42,000. The four stands are Holte End in the south with a capacity of 13,500 seats ( opened in 1994 ), Trinity Road in the west ( consisting of three tiers and a number of boxes ), Doug Ellis stand in the East ( two places ) and North Stand in the north ( two ranks interrupted by a series of lodges, built in the late 1970s ). Above the boxes following inscription is placed over the entire grandstand.

" Shaw, Williams, prepared to venture down the left. There's a good ball in for Tony Morley. Oh, it must be ... It is ... Peter Withe! "

This quote is an Excerpt from the television broadcast of the BBC the commentator Brian Moore and describes the seconds before the winning goal to make it 1-0 in the 1982 European Cup final of Champions against Bayern Munich in Rotterdam, the biggest success of the club's history.

It is planned to expand the bleachers to a capacity of 51,000.


The stadium was opened in 1897, the same year as Aston Villa won both the championship and the FA Cup. The time still Aston Lower Grounds called stadium was built on the site of a Victorian amusement park, not far from the stately home Aston Hall.

In the early years the pitch was surrounded by a 7.31 meter wide cycling track and a cinder track. Before the First World War, numerous cycling and athletics competitions were held. The two tracks were removed in 1922, when construction began on the Trinity Road Stand.

The largest ever recorded number of audience was 76 588, as Aston Villa on March 2, 1946 played in the sixth round of the FA Cup against Derby County. During the 1966 World Cup here three matches were played during the European Football Championship in 1996 four. Here the last final of the European Cup Winners' Cup was held in 1999; then Lazio won 2-1 against Real Mallorca.

Before the conversion had the stadium floodlight poles whose headlights were arranged in the form of the letters A and V.