The city of Eindhoven ( [ ˌ ɛint ɦo ː və (n)], listen to? / I ) is located in the province of North Brabant in the southern Netherlands.

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Eindhoven is located in the southeast of the province of North Brabant at an altitude of 18 m NAP.


Eindhoven consists of the following seven districts:


Eindhoven was founded on a slightly elevated area at the confluence of the Dommel and Gender on a trade route from Holland to Liège and has already received 1232 town and market rights by Count Henry I of Brabant, but remained quite insignificant in the first centuries.

1388 the defenses of the city were further expanded and 1413-1420 a new castle was built within the city walls. 1486 Eindhoven was plundered and burned. The reconstruction and the construction of a new palace lasted until 1502, but already in 1543 fell Eindhoven again. 's Defenses were not maintained because of the prevailing poverty.

A great fire destroyed in 1554 around three-quarters of the houses. However, these were rebuilt with the assistance of William of Orange in 1560 already.

The present city of Eindhoven was formed by the merging of the parishes Eindhoven, Woensel, Strijp, Tongelre, Gestel and stratum as a result of industrial development around 1900, when the light bulb factory Philips attracted more and more workers. Later, the car manufacturer DAF contributed to the expansion of the city.

During the Second World War, the city was an important objective during Operation Market Garden. Also because of the Philips Röhrenwerke the city was attacked. Heavy bombing of the Western Allies destroyed large parts of the city. During reconstruction, very few historic buildings have been preserved. An example of the modern architecture of Eindhoven is the 1966 as a museum built Evoluon, and now no longer visit the conference building.

Today Eindhoven with just over 200,000 inhabitants, is the fifth largest city in the Netherlands and is regarded as a technology center in the south of the country. By the students of the Technical University of Eindhoven and some higher schools Eindhoven has a relatively low average age.


  • Van Abbemuseum of Modern Art
  • DAF Museum
  • Evoluon
  • De Admirant
  • Genneper Park
  • Frits Philips Music Centre
  • Vesteda Tower


  • Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Fontys
  • Design Academy Eindhoven


Eindhoven is the most important production and research location of Philips. The former subsidiary NXP Semiconductors is headquartered here. UPS operates a large logistics center. Among the largest resident in Eindhoven employers include the University of Applied Sciences Fontys. OTB Solar B. V. Here manufactures production equipment for solar cells. Furthermore, the truck maker DAF is based in Eindhoven. The company is headquartered in the suburb of ASML Veldhoven.

Since May 2001, is located in the city of the European branch of the Japanese company Kanefusa, Asia's leading manufacturer of tools for woodworking.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Maikel Aerts, football goalkeeper
  • Peter Aerts K-1 kick - Thaiboxlegende, a multiple champion in Muay Thai
  • Albers, race car driver
  • Otman Bakkal football player
  • Jan de Bont, cameraman, film director and producer
  • Ron Boots, composer and musician
  • Hans Clevers, immunologist and molecular geneticists
  • Phillip Cocu, football player
  • Hans Dekkers (1928 ), cyclist
  • Hans Dekkers (1981 ), cyclist
  • Jorrit Dijkstra, jazz musician
  • Discipline, Joost de Graaf, Carlo Geerlings, Erik Wouters, Joost Strijbos - Street Rock'n Roll band from Eindhoven, founded in 1990
  • Sander van Doorn, DJ and music producer
  • Theo Eltink, cyclist
  • Toine Hezemans, race car driver
  • Robert Högfeldt, Swedish painter
  • Rach - l van den Hoogen, singer with the band Ch! Pz
  • Jerrely Slijger, rapper Kempi
  • Peter Kox, race car driver
  • Lenny Kuhr, singer
  • Wieger van Wageningen, Professional Skateboarder
  • Maarten Lafeber, professional golfer
  • Rob Maas, football player
  • David Miedema, chess player
  • Cilla Niekoop, singer with the band Ch! Pz
  • Bert Oosterbosch, cyclist
  • Bas Rutten, mixed martial arts legend
  • Herman Schoo Santander Walt, Jazz musician and composer
  • Huub Smit, actor
  • Karma To Burn, Peter van Elderen, Bart and Bart Geevers Nederhand form the Eindhoven speed rock trio and have brought it to the band number one in the Netherlands
  • Showtek Hardstyle duo
  • Wim Suurbier, football player
  • Roelof Wunderink, race car driver


Rail transport

The city of Eindhoven is a central railway hub in the Netherlands. Here, bundle the routes from the north and south of the country. At Eindhoven Railway operates national regional and long-distance traffic. Cities such as The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Maastricht can be reached directly by train from Eindhoven.


A total of five highways run through Eindhoven. Also in the Dutch motorway network here bundled routes from both the north and south and from the west of the country. In addition, Eindhoven is located right on the main E34.


The city's bus service operates the bus company Hermes.


Eindhoven has an airport, the Eindhoven Airport ( IATA CODE: ON). He is both transport and military airfield of the Dutch Air Force and the largest regional airport in the Netherlands.


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  • Chinandega (Nicaragua )
  • Minsk ( Belarus )
  • Nanjing ( China)
  • Białystok (Poland )
  • Emfuleni (South Africa)
  • Bayeux (France)
  • Gumi (South Korea)


  • The resulting as Philips Sports Club PSV Eindhoven has one of the strongest football teams in the Netherlands and is well known in European football clubs.
  • PSV Eindhoven is also the name of the water polo and swimming club. The multiple world champion and Olympic gold medalist in swimming, Pieter van den Hoogenband, is the best known member of the history of this club. According to him, also the swimming stadium was named.
  • The Jan Louwers Stadium is the home stadium of FC Eindhoven.
  • There is still a huge rivalry between the two largest municipal football clubs, FC Eindhoven and PSV Eindhoven.


  • Holland Casino also has a branch in the city.
  • The lively nightlife of the city is concentrated in the vicinity of the road Stratumseind ​​.