Holland is a part of the Netherlands, which is bounded on the east by the IJsselmeer, the provinces of Utrecht, Gelderland and North Brabant, and in the south of the province of Zeeland in the west of the North Sea. Holland, as the County of Holland was also a political unit long is distributed to the provinces of North Holland and South Holland since 1840. The northern limit is at Den Helder and Texel Island, the southern is located in the delta of the Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt. In Holland there are, among others, the cities of The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, which are part of the Randstad conurbation. In the West, the North Sea, located along the coast mainly dunes, inland are flat polder be found. The majority of Holland is below sea level.

In German, as in other countries around the world, but also by many Dutch people themselves, Holland is often used synonymously for the Netherlands. This is already due to the outgoing 16th century, when the Republic of the Seven United Provinces emerged whose influential province of Holland was.


The area was part of the Roman Empire for a few years under Augustus as Magna Germania. After centuries of independence of the Frisians, it then became part of the Frankish Empire and the subsequent Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. In 1384 it came under French influence ( Burgundian Netherlands). 1430 came the county of Holland by inheritance finally to the House of Valois - Burgundy and after the death of the last Duke of Burgundy Charles the Bold 1477 to the House of Habsburg, and later to the Spanish line of Habsburgs (Spanish Netherlands).

As of 1581 the county of Holland was leading province of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands. During the Napoleonic era there was the Kingdom of Holland (1806-1810), which included the present-day Netherlands. In order to reduce the dominance of Holland, which has always been the cultural, political and social main part of the country, it was divided in 1840 into the present-day provinces of North Holland and South Holland.

The name Holland was first 866 as Holtland ( " wood land" or " forest land" ) is mentioned for the region around Haarlem.

The historic settlement and language area of the Frisians

The expansion of the Frankish Empire 481-814

Burgundian Netherlands to 1477

The Seven United Provinces

Combine Netherlands 1648

Kingdom of Holland 1806-1810