Lenny Kuhr

Lenny Kuhr ( born February 22, 1950 in Eindhoven ) is a Dutch singer.


The first highlight of her career was winning the 1967 national talent competition Cabaret of Onbekenden. In 1969 she took with the song De Troubadour, the Netherlands at Euro Vision Song Contest in Madrid. The song she has presented in the style of German singer Alexandra. After scoring it on a par with the Spaniard Salomé, the British and the French Frida Boccara Lulu at No. 1 This was the only time in the history of the competition that multiple titles shared the victory. For the Netherlands, it was the third victory in this event. Then she took a number of titles on in French.

1974 married Kuhr Gideon Bialijstock. From this marriage two daughters Sharon originate (* 1975) and Daphna (* 1980). From 1981 to 1993 she was the companion of the author Herman Pieter de Boer. Since 2003 she has been married to Rob Frank. She has a sister ( Ine Kuhr ), who has also sung as a singer some plates.

Known titles

  • De horizon
  • De troubadour
  • Ga met me mee
  • Jesus Cristo
  • Les enfants
  • Pense à moi
  • Vivre
  • Com liefste, GEEF me each hand
  • Sterren
  • Qui a fait le ciel?
  • Leven Eenmaal in each
  • Maar yes
  • Visit
  • Weet ever as we waver
  • Some one has a total ever ran
  • Grof Schandaal
  • De blauwe night
  • De grote liefde
  • Jij yes