Teddy Scholten

Teddy Scholten (* May 11, 1926, † April 8, 2010; actually Teddy Scholten- van Zwieteren, born Teddy van Zwieteren ) was a Dutch singer.

Musical career

Teddy Scholten's singing career goes back to the 1940s when they had as part of the duo Scholten & Van ' t Zelfde in their home country success. In 1945, she became engaged to Henk Scholten, whom she married a year later.

When Dutch preselection for the Euro Vision Song Contest 1959, in which the eight contributions by two artists were presented independently, even with large and one with small orchestra, she presented one version of the song De rain and 'n Beetje. With the former, she received the first place and the second with 'n Beetje. The jury gave her as a performer in preference to John de Mol, who sang the second version of ' n Beetje.

From the Euro Vision Song Contest 1959 in Cannes, they also emerged as the winner. With 21 points, they won first place in front of the performers from the UK and France. The winning song that was recorded in two Dutch versions, reached the fourth place in the Dutch singles chart. Teddy Scholten also adopted versions of the title in German ( Be honest), French ( Un peu p'tit ), Swedish ( Om våren ) and Italian ( Un poco ) on. The latter version reached the 13th place in the Italian singles chart.

Following their participation in the competition Teddy Scholten took on some albums, primarily with cover versions of popular children's songs.

Discography ( albums, some with Henk Scholten )

  • Volgeladen dare m'n 'k Heb
  • En we zingen ... en we jump ... en we zijn zo blij ( All bekende Sinterklaasliedjes )
  • Peter en de wolf & Kindersymfonie
  • All één op plaat (1959 )
  • Small Small Kleutertje (1959 )
  • Small Small Kleutertje 2 (1960 )