Anne-Marie David

Anne- Marie David (* May 23, 1952 in Arles ) is a French singer. Your career is closely linked to the European song contest Euro Vision Song Contest, which she won in 1973. As one of the few artists she participated for two different countries in this event.

1973 David was invited by the Luxembourg broadcaster RTL to represent the Grand Duchy at the competition in their own country. David was thus in a long line of foreign artists who competed for Luxembourg.

The competition on 7 April of 1973 to a thrilling three-way battle. At the end of the scoring David lay with her title Tu te reconnaîtras four points ahead of the Spanish group Mocedades and six points ahead of the British Cliff Richard. The first place of David was the second win of the event for Luxembourg in a row.

Six years later, David took part in the competition again, this time for her native France. In the contest, which was held in Jerusalem, she took with her song Je suis l' enfant soleil behind the Israeli champion title of Milk & Honey and the Spaniard Betty Missiego third place.