Katrina and the Waves

Katrina and the Waves was a British- American band of the 1980s, which was founded in 1997 known primarily for their hit " Walking on Sunshine " and the victory in the Euro Vision Song Contest.


The band was founded in 1981 in Cambridge and led by the American singer Katrina Leskanich up to its exit in 1998. The lead guitarist was Kimberley Rew, who played earlier in the Soft Boys.

The big breakthrough came in the spring of 1985 with the song " Walking on Sunshine ", which became a worldwide hit and is known as " summer hit" popular in many countries today. As a result, this hits, the group was nominated for the Grammy for "Best New Artist". Later, particularly in the UK reach a number of other, smaller hits.

On 3 May 1997, she won for the United Kingdom the Euro Vision Song Contest with the title "Love Shine a Light".

Years after the separation Katrina Leskanich founded in the hope of being able to build on their success at the Song Contest, a new band - but for another country: In 2005, she participated in the Melodifestival, the Swedish preliminary decision, in part. Originally they were called Katrina and the New Wave, but the discontent of the former band members led to an abrupt change of name. When Katrina and the Nameless they reached the by Thomas G: son -composed song "as if tomorrow will never come ," the third place in the fourth semi-final and therefore not qualified for the finals, but for the " Second Chance " Round, in which they ended up in sixth place and thus did not reach the final.


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