Johnny Logan (singer)

Johnny Logan ( born May 13, 1954 in the vicinity of Melbourne; actually Seán Patrick Michael Sherrard O'Hagan ) is an Irish singer and composer.


He was born the son of Irish tenor Patrick O'Hagan Star.

His greatest success Logan the Euro Vision Song Contest. In 1980 he won in The Hague competition with the composed by Shay Healy Items What 's Another Year. Even in his second participation in Brussels in 1987 he won. The winning song Hold Me Now came from his pen. Logan stepped up to the ballad, although his marriage was broken a few days earlier. He had written for his wife, the song.

In 1992 he composed the Irish post Why Me, with the singer Linda Martin the Euro Vision Song Contest could decide for themselves. In 1984, Linda Martin had become competitive with the composed also of Logan Second Terminal 3.

Johnny Logan wants to tie back to his great success since 2007. With the album Irish Connection, he has enjoyed success in Scandinavia where he finished in Denmark (platinum ), Sweden ( gold) and Norway (double platinum ) are each ranked No. 1 in the album charts. Concerts in these countries were also sold. In 2008, the album was followed by Irishman in America. In early 2010 the album was released Nature of Love. In 2010 he appears as Arthur on the rock opera "Excalibur".

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