Brian Kennedy (singer)

Brian Edward Patrick Kennedy ( born October 12, 1966 in Belfast ) is a Northern Irish singer and author.

He had his first success in 1990 with his debut album The Great War of Words and the single Captured. Mid-90s was followed by hits such as A Better Man, Put the Message in the Box, and Life, Love and Happiness, that have maintained both in the UK as in the Irish charts. The associated album, A Better Man was in Ireland even album of the year and reached quadruple platinum.

In the 1990s, Kennedy was also engaged regularly by Van Morrison and was as a backing singer in the result, not only on a few studio albums here, but supported Van Morrison also at numerous live gigs. On his 1994 released album "Live at San Francisco " makes him the Irish Grand Master both "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You" and " Tupelo Honey" interpret.

At the turn of the millennium Brian Kennedy made ​​a trip as a musical actor on Broadway, where he participated in the Irish Riverdance show.

In 2005 he sang at the funeral of the originating also from Belfast Northern Ireland football idol George Best The then published commemorative single George Best - A Tribute became his greatest success to date (UK # 4, Ireland # 3 ).

Almost at the same time he had also been chosen to represent Ireland at the Euro Vision Song Contest 2006. When deciding in May 2006, he landed with the self-written Every Song Is a Cry for Love on the 10th Place. Coincidentally, it was found that this song was the 1000th post in the history of the Euro Vision Song Contest.

Since 2004, Kennedy operated as a writer and it's been two novels by him appeared in the English-speaking market.



  • Captured (1990, IRL # 26)
  • Intuition (1995, IRL # 16)
  • A Better Man (1996, IRL # 6, UK # 28)
  • Life, Love And Happiness (1996, IRL # 16, UK # 27)
  • Put The Message In The Box (1997, IRL # 18, UK # 37)
  • These Days ( with Ronan Keating, 1999, IRL # 4)
  • George Best - A Tribute (2005, IRL # 3, UK # 4)
  • Every Song Is A Cry For Love (2006, IRL # 8)


  • The Great War Of Words (1990 )
  • Goodbye To Town song ( with Mark E. Nevin, 1991)
  • A Better Man (1996 )
  • Now That I Know What I Want ( 1999)
  • Get On With Your Short Life (2000)
  • Home Bird ( 2006)
  • Interpretations (2008)