Ryan Dolan

Ryan Dolan (born 22 July 1985 in Strabane, Northern Ireland ) is a British pop singer and songwriter who was known primarily for his participation in the Euro Vision Song Contest 2013.

  • 2.1 albums
  • 2.2 Singles


Music career in front of the ESC 2013

Ryan Dolan was born in 1985 in Strabane. From a young age he began to make a name in the music world as a songwriter, singer, dancer and producer. He also invited all sorts of cover songs and reinterpretations by artists such as Adele, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars high on his YouTube channel.

His first single was released on August 7, 2011 along with the, also Irish, Dance and Dubstep trio Zenemy DJz on her own label. It is entitled The Secret ( Get Out Of My Head ) and was written by Dolan alone. However, the song remained without much success. Since this cooperation, the entertainment of Zenemy DJz for Visual, Audiovisual and presentation of his productions makes.

On May 13 in 2013 first studio album was released by the record label JM13. The titles were all from the British DJ duo Loverush UK! mixed and produced by David Hayes, Wez Devine and Ryan Dolan himself. It contains eight tracks, but could not reach the charts.

In an interview with " Oikotimes ", an online magazine published the news about the ESC, he said that his models both pop singers like Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars, as well as dance and club musicians such as the Swedish House Mafia and David Guetta. You all inspired him to the genre, represents his music.

Participation in ESC 2013

2013 he took part in the Irish preliminary decision to Euro Vision Song Contest 2013. He was about the only candidate, which presented its own composition in the national qualifying round. There he was able to prevail against four other candidates and was therefore able to compete in the contest in Malmo with the pop song Only Love Survives for Ireland. He contributed the song in the first semi-final at the Malmö Arena before and made ​​the jump to the final. There, he finished last (26th ) place. He received special support from the producer and choreographer Stuart O'Connor, who was already involved with the Jedward brothers on their live tours.

Music career after ESC 2013

After his performance Ryan said he would definitely keep making music and I will get over it quickly over his defeat in the Euro Vision Song Contest. He got through this song a very positive response and various record labels showed interest, and that included Universal Music.

Only Love Survives could go into the download charts of seven different countries. However, the singles could only achieve a placement in Ireland in the official singles chart after all. There she worked, after all, from number 94 to number 13 on high.