Only Love Survives

February 8, 2013

Only Love Survives is a dance-pop song by the Irish singer, composer, songwriter and producer Ryan Dolan. The song represented Ireland at the Euro Vision Song Contest 2013. He was released worldwide on February 8, 2013 as a CD single and as a digital download and is also the announcement for which was published on May 13, 2013 Album frequency.

Music and lyrics


The song begins with a drum beating. Then Ryan starts with the first verse. At the end of this stops beating and there is only a slight noise to the chorus one listen. Then he starts with the refrain 2 and it is a beat to listen with electronic tones in the background you can hear two background singers. After the chorus begins again 2 the drum beating and Dolan sings the second verse. After this we hear again Chorus 1 mixed with dubstep -like tones. Then the chorus starts again 2 with the electronic tones, background singers and towards the end a re- drum beating.


The song is mainly about the topic of love. Ryan sings in the first verse, that we live our lives with fear and that, whenever the sun goes down, the old world is dying and a new day is born. The chorus 1, it calls for to live every night like it was the last night and all night, dance until the first ray of sun, because in the end love will survive. The chorus is only 2 and to be love alone by the desire because only these will survive at the end and this should therefore make his main ideas.


Only Love Survives was texted himself from Ryan Dolan, composed and produced. As co -author of him stood at the Irish author Wez Devine. Dolan was the only one who began with a self- written song at the Euro Vision Song Contest.


Bernadette Hirschfelder the " NDR song check" for the Euro Vision Song Contest 2013 described the song as " A love song wrapped in pop dance rhythms, " and estimated that Ireland and the song is actually a good chance.

Antoine Farugia of page " " gave the song a mediocre to good evaluation. He wrote:

" [ ... ] The song is quite nice, but I think it's a bit too high for him! He does not reach all the notes! The performance is always the same: Absolutely not interesting! Musically, it's a very good song! [ ... ]! • Singer: 7/10 • Song: 7/10 • Power: 5/10 • First impression: 6/10 • Total: 6.25/10 "

Title list

Music Video

The Official music video for Only Love Survives first appeared on February 7, 2013. A second version was released on May 6, 2013 provided the title European promo. With various new special effects and Lyrics passages in the video. For the director, the production company Zenemy Music was responsible.

It starts with Ryan Dolan. He kneels on the floor, hands on his chest and sings the first verse. He slowly raises his arms and lets them at the beginning of Chorus 1 again falling. Then there are several scene changes. In one he is wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket in front of the camera. In another, the rotating Earth, Dolan front of some kind starry sky and once as a shadow against a large pixelated heart. The chorus 2 begins with the lyrics, it is followed by several fans who sing the text and show a heart with her hands. In the second verse we see him again in front of a microphone, in front of the big heart, or the earth. This is followed by the first chorus, in which again sees Ryan with sunglasses or a shadow in front of several color boxes, with Earth in the background. The Chorus 2 is also back from him in various scenes and fans.

Euro Vision Song Contest

Ryan Dolan joined with Only Love Survives on May 14, 2013 in the first semifinal. There he reached the eighth place and thus made ​​it into the finals. For the performance it was the choreographer Stuart O'Connor aside.

He was seen by many fans and critics, although not as a favorite, but in a square in the upper field. Ryan Dolan was entitled before last. Beside him were several men with drums on stage. The title, however, got the scoring only 5 points from three countries (2 points from Sweden, 2 points from Cyprus and a point of Great Britain ) and took in the final the last place out of 26 participants.

Chart positions

Only Love Survives reached in Ireland, according to a new start after his appearance ESC his previous high placement 13th place