Tina Reynolds

Tina Reynolds or Tina (* in Greystones as Philomena Quinn ) is an Irish pop singer.

As of 16 years Tina has been active as a singer of Irish show bands. She sang at The Mexicans and then at The Tophatters. From 1969 she was a singer with the Irish pop band The Real McCoy. With this she had her first hit: I Do not Know How to Love Him, a title from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar came in the Irish charts in 1971 at No. 1 Two other singles, Tell Me What 's The Matter (1972, 15th place) and When Morning Has Come (1973, No. 20 ) could be placed. In 1974 Reynolds won the Irish preselection for the Euro Vision Song Contest. With the pop Cross your Heart she reached the seventh place in the Euro Vision Song Contest 1974 in Brighton, and the single went straight to number 1 in Ireland. She sang an a German version, titled Let's be honest, she had an appearance at the ZDF hit parade.

Reynolds then moved to the show band The Nevada, where she was active until the late 1970s.