Teach-In (Band)

Teach-In was a Dutch band that won in 1975 with the song Ding-a -dong the Euro Vision Song Contest for the Netherlands.

The band was born in 1969 in Enschede. The first band consisted of:

  • Hilda Felix (vocals )
  • Henk Westendorp (vocals )
  • John Snuverink (vocals, guitar)
  • Frans Schaddelee ( bass)
  • Koos Versteeg (vocals, keyboards)
  • Rudi Nijhuis (drums)

1972 left all the members except for Versteeg and Nijhuis the group; were replaced with Getty Kaspers (vocals, born March 5, 1948 in Weiz ), John Gaasbeek (bass ), Chris de Wolde (guitar) and Ard Weeink. With this lineup, the group the Euro Vision Song Contest 1975 won.

1976 there was again a Umformierung: Kaspers, Gaasbek and Weeink left the group, newly arrived to Hans Nijland ( bass), Betty Vermeulen (vocals) and Marianne Wolsink. 1977 Nijland was replaced by Nick de Vos. Teach-in had three minor hits (among them: Dear John, a tribute to John Travolta and upside down) and dissolved in 1979. The band plays from time to time in various formations on Revival concerts - such as "Textile Beat" -; This concert will take place in the hometown of the band, in Enschede, instead. However, the cast is not comparable with the old formations, the drummer was replaced by Fred Felix, brother Hilda Felix ', the charge of the singing is always ( is / was ).