Secret Garden (duo)

Secret Garden is an instrumental oriented band from Norway. Members of the Norwegian keyboardist and composer Rolf Løvland the Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry and. To a wider public, they became known in 1995 by winning the Euro Vision Song Contest for Norway in the 1985, when the duo Bobby Socks with La det svinge was successful. The group caused a stir in so far as her winning song Nocturne from just 24 words was presented and was otherwise instrumental. Less words had never contains a title which took part in the ESC. Furthermore Nocturne gained fame as part of the soundtrack of the movie Shrek - The daring hero. Also to other films, the group was able to contribute songs. So the piece Adagio in the film 2046 can be heard. Perhaps the best known song from Secret Garden 's You Raise Me Up from the album Once In A Red Moon, which was by now was covered by over 100 artists and groups, including by Josh Groban, Celtic Woman, Westlife and Il Divo.

Stylistically Secret Garden is the range of New Age and Irish folk associate. Today, more than ten years after its inception, the group in this genre of music is very successful. So the album Earth Songs won the first place in the U.S. Billboard charts in the category New Age.