Ellen Nikolaysen

Ellen Helen Nikolaysen ( born December 10, 1951 in Oslo, also Nicolaysen ) is a Norwegian singer, actress and musical actress.


The then 18 -year-old started her career at the seminar organized by the state broadcaster NRK talent competition NRKs Talent '70 in 1970. Two years later she was the first time the Norwegian preselection for the Euro Vision Song Contest, the Melodi Grand Prix 1972, represented, could however, with the title Håp - do not qualify and 4th place in five participants for Edinburgh - German to hope. The following year she was more successful, as part of the Bendik Singers they failed to qualify for the Euro Vision Song Contest 1973 in Luxembourg City. There she sang Å for ett spill in the English version It's just a game and reached number 7 - the best Norwegian result of this decade. In 1973, she brought her first album titled Freckles.

Also in 1974, she participated in the preliminary round, but could mørke with Lys og (light and dark) do not qualify for the international contest, as it ranked 3. However, they could still travel to Brighton, namely in the background vocalists for Anne- Karine Strøm. Their second album, Stans! Jeg vil gi deg en sang, she released the same year.

Also in 1975 she participated in the Melodi Grand Prix in part, this time with the title Det skulle ha värt summer nå - to German now it should be summer. She could convince most of the ten judges and took the title to Stockholm. When Euro Vision Song Contest 1975, she was less successful, with the English version Touch my life with summertime - Touch my life with summer - it ranked 18 in 19 participant.

From now on, it should not be a regular guest at the Norwegian preliminary rounds, only 1984, she tried her luck again. The title Opus occupied this place 6 However, they did until 1987, four albums out.

From now on, she devoted herself to acting, but also in 1975 she was involved in the film Faneflukt.