Arne Bendiksen

Arne Joachim Bendiksen (* October 19, 1926 in Bergen, † 26 March 2009) was a Norwegian singer, composer and music producer.


Bendiksen was a member of the group The Monn Keys in the 1950s. Later he worked mainly as a composer for other artists like Wenche Myhre, Hanne Krogh and Kirsti Sparboe. He participated in several part of the Euro Vision Song Contest, it once. Vocals (1964 ), and several times thereafter as a composer The best result achieved thereby Åse Kleveland in 1966 with the third place. In contrast, Kirsti Sparboe in 1969 with only a single point ended up in last place. In 1964 he founded his own record company which, among other things, Wenche Myhre published. In 1995 he received the Spellemannprisen and he was honored by King Harald V with the Norwegian Order of Merit in Gold 1996.