Wig Wam

Wig Wam is a Norwegian glam- rock band, the style is based on the typical American rock bands of the 1980s.

Grand Prix

When Euro Vision Song Contest 2005 Wig Wam went to Norway after they themselves had the preliminary national Melodi Grand Prix can decide. With the song In My Dreams, composed by guitarist " Teeny ", the band won against seven other competitors and landed by the ticket to Kiev. Wig Wam thus brought a whole new sound to the Grand Prix. The motto of the band: "Rock'n'Roll is the new hit. " In the end they finished ninth with 125 points.

In 2004 took part in the Wig Wam Norwegian Grand Prix Final, reached at the end but only the third place. With the title Crazy Things she had to the singer Knut Anders Sørum (High) beaten, then in 2004 landed in last place at the Euro Vision Song Contest. Frontman " Glam " also tried his luck ever alone at the Norwegian preliminary decision in 1998 and came under his former stage name G'sten with the song Always Will in third place.

Band History

Wig Wam comes from Norway from the province Østfold and was founded in 2001. But even before the band members were musically active, whether in bands like Dream Police, Artch, Sha - Boom, Ole Evenrude and Alien or even a solo career. Wig Wam worked laboriously the way to the top of the national charts, which began with numerous live performances across the country and eventually became the most popular live band in Norway.

In 2004, the band released its debut album 667 ... The Neighbour of the Beast, which was released in Sweden. After their qualification for the Grand Prix in Ukraine there was a re-release called Hard to Be a rock and rollers ... in Kiev, which went on sale in other European countries. Her musical heroes include the band members, the group Kiss and Dream Police and Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin, and Marilyn Manson.

Despite the actual Norwegian origin, the group described themselves their band history fictitious as follows: On April 1, 1970, the band in the Bronx, was " the Polish district of New York " was founded. In subsequent years, Wig Wam published some plates like The Black and Red Album (1974) and The Yellow Purple Brown and Black Album (1975 ) who were able to sell a few thousand times. 1976 emigrated Wig Wam according to legend, to Norway from where they give concerts since then and bring their plates to the man.

After her performance at the Song Contest Wig Wam reported success in some European countries. Thus, the band placed her single In My Dreams in Sweden, Romania, Denmark and Finland in the sales charts. On 19 September 2005, the single was released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Band Members

  • Glam ( Åge Sten Nilsen ) - Vocals
  • Teen ( Trond Holter ) - guitar
  • Flash ( Bernt Jansen ) - Bass
  • Sporty ( Øystein Andersen ) - drums



  • 667 ... The Neighbour of the Beast (2004)
  • Hard to Be a rock 'n roller (2005)
  • Hard to Be a rock and rollers ... in Kiev ( 2005) *
  • Wig Wamania (2006) *
  • Non Stop Rock'n'Roll (2010) *
  • Wall Street (2012 ) *


  • Crazy Things ( 2004)
  • I Turn to You ( 2004)
  • Hard to Be a rock 'n roller (2004)
  • In My Dreams (2005) *
  • Bless the Night ( 2005)
  • Gonna Get You Someday ( 2006)
  • Dare Devil Heat ( 2006)
  • Bygone Zone (2006)
  • Do Ya Wanna Taste It (2010)
  • Wall Street (2012 )

(* = In Germany / Austria / Switzerland published )