Andy Abraham

Andrew Abraham ( born 1964 in London ) is a British soul singer Grenadian origin. Known in his native country he was in the autumn of 2005 as a runner-up of the talent show The X Factor.


Abraham first worked in London as a garbage man. In spring 2005, he applied for the second season of the talent show The X Factor, which was successfully aired on national television ITV. In several qualifying rounds he beat out his competitors and came to the Final before shipment. There he was defeated on 17 December 2005 in the telephone audience vote Shayne Ward with 1.2 % fewer votes. Overall, more than 10.8 million votes were cast.

Despite the defeat in the final vote Abraham also received a contract in the show accompanying record label Sony BMG. On 20 March 2006 appeared under the title The Impossible Dream released his debut album. With 176,000 copies sold in the first week it reached number 2 in the UK album charts. In total, about 300,000 copies of the album were sold and it reached platinum status in the UK. With its published end of 2006 album Soul Man he could not repeat that success. Nevertheless, it reached the Top 20 on the album charts.

For his third album that should appear actually in 2008, Abraham wrote all the songs himself, the first single from it - Even If - was on 1 March 2008 during the television show Euro Vision - selected Your Decision 2008 as the British entry for the Euro Vision Song Contest 2008. In the final of ESC on May 24, 2008 in Belgrade Abraham came in 25th and last place thus.



  • 2006: The Impossible Dream
  • 2006: Soul Man