The X Factor (UK TV series)

The X Factor is a talent show from the United Kingdom, which has a similar concept to Pop Idol. It is broadcast twice a week, usually on Saturdays and Sundays on the British TV channel ITV.



Invented and produced was "The X Factor " from the UK music and TV producer Simon Cowell. The similarities of the casting formats of Pop Idol and The X Factor were later treated in court in a lawsuit, but the Cowell could decide for themselves.

Main differences to Pop Idol format exist alongside another corporate design in the possibility of participation in the competition for candidates beyond the concluded 30 years of age and for ( vocal ) groups. The minimum age is 14 years ( in the first three seasons of 16). The three candidates are (from the fourth season four) categories of participants ( separated up to 24 years from the fourth season for female and male candidates; aged 25 years; groups) assigned. Each category is supervised by one of the jury members.

Export format

The show is / was produced including in Albania, Australia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Colombia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Czech Republic, Norway, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Morocco.

2010 started the talent show under the title of X Factor in Germany. Presented is the format of VOX, the first two episodes were shown on RTL. The rights to The X Factor were purchased, according to Entertainment at RTL chief Tom Sänger in 2006 by the Media Group RTL Germany.

After Simon Cowell has dropped out after the ninth season of American Idol, he brought the show in the fall of 2011 in the United States.