Shayne Ward

Shayne Ward ( * October 15, 1984 in Manchester ) is a British singer. In his home country, he became known by winning the second season of the talent show The X Factor in late 2005.


Ward was born the youngest of seven siblings. First experiences on television he collected in 2002 while participating in the talent show Popstars: The Rivals of the British television channel ITV, where he reached the final of the top 30, but then dropped out.

In 2005 he again took part in a talent show. Under the tutelage of his mentor Louis Walsh he arrived at The X Factor as the winner of the group of 16 - to 24 -year-olds in the final. In the vote the last show on 17 December 2005 Ward sat down with 1.2 % of the votes ahead of his opponent Andy Abraham by. Overall, more than 10.8 million votes were cast.

On 21 December 2005 appeared Ward's debut single That's My Goal, with whom he reached the top of the British charts for the first time. On the first day alone, 313,000 copies were sold of the single, so it is in the list of the fastest -selling singles in the UK on rank 3



  • 2006: Shayne Ward
  • 2007: Breathless
  • 2010: obsession


  • 2005: That's My Goal
  • 2006: No Promises
  • 2006: Stand by Me
  • 2007: No U Hang Up / If That 's OK with You
  • 2007: Breathless
  • 2010: Gotta Be Somebody
  • 2011: Obsession ( Promo Only )
  • 2011: Must Be a Reason (feat. J Pearl)