Imaani, also Imaani Saleem, actually Crosdale Melanie (born 1972 in Nottingham, England) is a British singer.


Imaani began her musical career as a background and session singer for artists such as Jocelyn Brown, Gloria Gaynor, Betty Wright, Mica Paris, Stephen Marley and Julian Marley. She became known to a wider audience in 1998 when she participated in A Song for Europe, the UK's preliminary decision to the Euro Vision Song Contest. For the written by Scott English, Phil Manikiza and Simon Stirling song Where Are You? she received 70421 calls and was able to clear himself from the other three candidates, and thus won the chance to represent their country at the competition. When Euro Vision Song Contest 1998 in Birmingham, she was also successful and finished with 166 points, second place, just six points behind the winner Dana International. Where Are You? was a minor hit in the UK, reaching more than 100,000 albums sold number 15 in the singles charts.

Despite the success at the competition, the record label EMI decided not to release another single. 2000 Imaani was lead singer of the formation Tru Faith & Dub Conspiracy and reached with a cover of Adina Howard - Freak like Me Classic # 12 in the UK charts. Shortly thereafter, she joined the jazz - funk band Incognito, with whom she recorded several CDs. In 2006, she became involved in a House Song Bring Me Love Group Copyright Project as a singer. The single went to number three of the club charts in the UK.