Betty Wright

Betty Wright ( born December 21, 1953 in Miami, Florida, United States) is an American soul singer.

She began her singing career in the family gospel group The Echoes of Joy. At age 13, first missions as a background singer. First Billboard Top 40 hit with " Girls Can not Do What The Guys Do" in 1968. During this year 's first solo album, " My First Time Around " appears. In 1972 the song with which she is most identified by fans: " Clean Up Woman" ( # 2 on the R & B, # 6 on the U.S. pop charts). In 1976 she received a Grammy for the song " Where Is The Love ". Between 1972 and 1979 a total of seven albums for the label Alston by Henry Stone. Since then, steady shots, but without much commercial success (Last U.S. singles ranking in 1989, the last album "Fit For A King " from 2001). Tried to be a TV talk show hostess and continued to work as a backup singer. Supported newcomer Joss Stone at their acclaimed debut from 2003, one of the best neo-soul albums of the year.