Toulouse FC

The Toulouse Football Club - often short TFC - is established in 1970 as Union Sportive Toulouse French football club based in the southern French city of Toulouse in the Haute- Garonne, relying on the traditions of the 1937-1967 existing, same clubs.


The club was founded in 1970 as Union Sportive Toulouse; in 1977 he took his present name. 2001 he was insolvent and was forcibly transferred to the third league, from which it already but two years later returned to the top flight.

Today's TFC considered himself a follower of the same local traditional club, which was founded in 1937 and in 1967 retired from the professional league field after all its players and in particular the right to compete in Division 1, at Red Star ( from Saint- Ouen had sold in the Paris metropolitan area). This predecessor had his best time in the late 1950s when he was runner-up and won the French Cup.

The club's colors are purple and white. The League team plays in the Stadium Municipal with a capacity of 35,500 seats. Club president since 2001 Olivier Sadran, coach Alain Casanova Erstligamannschaft since 2008. (August 2013)

League membership

In the top division ( Division 1, known since 2002 Ligue 1) played the previous Club TFC 1939 to 1943 in 1944 /45, 1946-1951 and 1953 until 1967. The foundation was 1982-1994, 1997-1999, 2000/ 01 and again first class since 2003.

The 2006/07 season was the most successful season for FC Toulouse, the third place and thus the right secured to compete in the third round of Champions League qualifying.

Logo History

(until 2001 )


1960s - 1970s


Since 2001


  • French Champion: None, so far best result was the runner-up in 1954/55 and for the start-up table Rank 3 ( 1986/87 and 2006/ 07)
  • French Cup Winners: 1957 (that was the predecessor of the same name )
  • Coupe Gambardella: 2005

Current squad 2013/14

For the association substantial people in the past

* At the same predecessor club

  • René Dereuddre *
  • Raoul Diagne *
  • Maurice Dupuis *
  • Abderrahman Ibrir *
  • Curt Keller *
  • Mahi Khennane *

Women's Soccer

In 2001, the women's team from Toulouse Olympique Aérospatial Club, which had become from 1999 to 2001 for three consecutive times national champion, the TFC and was promptly joined again in 2002 winner of the highest French league. In the same year Toulouse also won the first edition of the Women's National Cup competition. These are the only previous national title in the adult area for the new Toulouse FC. Among the most successful footballers of the club Élodie Woock heard.