Championnat National

National ( D3) or completely Championnat de France National, occasionally still with the historical Additional Division 3 or D3, the third- highest division is the French men's soccer behind Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 In it are currently both amateur and professional clubs eligible to play; organizational responsibility for Game Operation, Control Engineering ( penalties, locks, eligibility of players, ascent and descent ), and so is the French Football Federation, the Fédération Française de Football ( FFF).


There have been since 1936/37, a third division, but this was subject to frequent structural changes and a purely amateur league. In addition, the championship is not authorized in the D3 then automatically move up to the professional leagues - rather clubs could apply for inclusion in the Division 2, even if they had not athletic qualified, and vice versa D3 - masters admission be denied to professionalism.

A third league as a true foundation of the professional leagues was created in 1970; it was made last six regional groups with 16 teams. From the 1993/94 season, it was reorganized under the name National 1, comprised up to and including 1996/97 two seasons ( north and south) of 20 teams and has since been played out in a single, nationwide 20s group. You will be reduced to 18 participants from the 2013/14 season.

Competition mode and authorization

The championship is determined in the D3 by home and away games each club against each other; also here today, first direct comparison of the same point clubs are, inter alia, the three- point rule and level on points, the goal difference for the exact placement, although ( in this case only the points, not the results) will be used. Today, the top three teams in the National rise in the Ligue 2, the four bottom team in the fourth division ( Championnat de France amateur or CFA), and will be replaced by the same number of ex- or climbers. Back-up or second teams can not ascend to the National from the CFA.

Relegated from the D2 to the D3 allowed to maintain their professional status as a rule, for up to two years ( statut professionnel probatoire ); thus intended to ensure greater continuity in the planning of the clubs are achieved, inter alia, their - to junior training centers (center de formation ) operate on - mandatory for professional clubs. Upon request, it can even keep their professional status for more than two years, especially if the economic conditions to be considered by the Ligue de Football Professionnel for granted. With an average attendance 1500-2000 spectators per game and only a small share of the television money distributed by the Association - 2008/ 09, each club received € 250,000 from this source - this hurdle, however, is relatively high. This has led for example in the run-up to the 2009/10 season to the fact that the DSCG twelve of the 20 clubs has denied participation approval or granted subject to some significant financial constraints: Bayonne, Croix de Savoie, Pacy and Rodez had to cut spending, Beauvais, Cassis carnoux and Louhans - Cuiseaux demonstrate higher levels of certainty ( the latter two also had four weeks before the start of the season not approved yet), five more were outclassed: Libourne -Saint -Seurin in the fourth, three of the four athletic qualified climbers from the CFA (Besançon, Luzenac, Rouen ) in the fifth and Sète, which had in early June 2009 declared its illiquidity, even in the sixth ( Division d' Honneur ) League. For Sète moved Stade Plabennec, one of the second- the fourth highest division, according to; Luzenac allowed to participate after all. These decisions, however, were initially not yet final. Besançon President Vincent Diaz evaluated these processes in the meantime as " decisions of a banana republic." Also in 2010 was only 14 days that pre-season as the league composed: only on the basis of sports lawsuits could secure with Bastia and Strasbourg two second division relegated their place in the National, while there were five climbers from the CFA.

Rise Eligible clubs from the National have the right to refuse promotion to the Ligue 2 without sanction if they do not want to take the step from amateurism to professionalism. In this case, would rise from there a club less into the National from. In the late 1990s the qualified FC Gueugnon had applied to play in the professional league under amateur conditions; which was however rejected because above the national no choice regarding the professionalism exists.

The regular playing days are Friday and Saturday.

The National in the 2013/14 season

After it had lasted from 2009 to 2011 in each case until well into the summer break in, before the composition of the League for the following season was finally made - 2011/12, the last open question even decided until after the first day - and the Football Association in mid-2012 already very early on was able to publish the final game plan for 2012/13, it took in the summer of 2013, long before the final composition of D3 was certain. The League has been reduced for 2013/14 season from 20 to 18 participants.

At the season opener on August 9, 2013, the National had the following composition:

  • Gazelec FC Ajaccio ( relegated )
  • SC Amiens
  • U.S. Boulogne
  • FC Bourg- Péronnas ( for Le Mans FC, ​​relegated )
  • USJA Carquefou
  • SR Colmar
  • U.S. Colomiers ( climber )
  • USL Dunkerque ( climber )
  • Étoile Fréjus Saint -Raphaël
  • Le Poiré -sur -Vie VF
  • Luçon VF ( climber )
  • Luzenac AP
  • U.S. Orléans
  • Paris FC ( FC Rouen )
  • Red Star 93 ( Saint- Ouen )
  • ES Uzès Pont du Gard ( for CS Sedan, relegated )
  • Racing Strasbourg ( climber )
  • OC Vannes

However GFC Ajaccio was mid- June 2013 refused permission to play for the third league for financial reasons; the Corsicans should instead be " passed through" directly into the fourth-rate top amateur league CFA. On appeal Ajaccio reached then but still the third league affiliation.

With 14.4 million euros highly indebted Le Mans FC another second division relegation was forcibly transferred to the amateur; on appeal, the association even decided that Le Mans could continue playing, at best, in the sixth league. Then, however, the association was still classified in the fourth division and then a renewed protest of Le Mans, wants to play in the National, as well as a negative decision of his action before a court in late September. As a result, the Manceaux are now entering 2013/14 but in the sixth league. From a non-consideration in the National, the third second division relegated Sedan was hit ( with a funding gap of € 4 million) after its appeal was dismissed against this decision; Sedan is playing this season in the fifth division. The participation of FC Rouen, who had sued the same time against a points deduction from the previous season and would be in league third party risen in case of success even in the second division until the end of July was unclear; then confirmed the Olympic and Sports Committee ( CNOSF ) letztinstanzlich Rouen relegation. The " Red Devils " have to start over even in the sixth league, although they have only € 1.8 million deficit. These three forced descents " on the basis of an incorrect proportionality of debt and height of fall " - so the journal France Football - justified the association so that one had to be considered in Le Mans and Sedan that clubs still had professional status, Rouen is not. In addition, long stood for the second division side Racing Lens a " Relegation at the green table " in the third league in the room before they could be averted in the appeal. So may the teams that had the places 15 is in the previous season to 17, and 2013/14 continue to take mediocre.

Your professional status have retained only two clubs ( Ajaccio Amiens ) this season.

The Masters since 1993/94

  • 2007/ 08: OC Vannes
  • 2008/ 09: FC Istres
  • 2009/10: FC Evian Thonon Gaillard
  • 2010/11: SC Bastia
  • 2011/12: Nîmes Olympique
  • 2012/13: U.S. Créteil


Gazelec FC Ajaccio Amiens SC • • • U.S. Boulogne FC Bourg- Péronnas • USJA Carquefou • SR Colmar • U.S. Colomiers • USL Dunkerque • Étoile Fréjus Saint -Raphaël • Le Poiré -sur -Vie VF VF Luçon • • • Luzenac AP U.S. Orléans • Paris • FC Red Star 93 • • ES Racing Strasbourg Uzès PG • OC Vannes

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