FC Girondins de Bordeaux

The football club Girondins de Bordeaux is a French football club based in the southwestern French city of Bordeaux, which is called the estuary of the River Garonne in the Gironde - hence the club changed its name. It was founded at the turn of 1881/82, its football department permanently, however, until 1919; the name changed several times due to mergers and because of bankruptcy (1991 ), but with always the name component " Girondins " was preserved. The club colors are dark blue and white.

The first football team first played at the Stade Vélodrome offers (later renamed Parc Lescure ) and today at the Stade Jacques- Chaban- Delmas, which can accommodate around 34,200 spectators. On the RTL Group - - Currently the association, whose majority stake in the television commercial broadcaster M6 and thus will have the Bertelsmann AG, led by Jean -Louis Triaud. The League team is coached by Francis Gillot since the summer of 2011. (August 2013)


The club was founded on 1 October 1881 as gymnastics and shooting club. Chaired by André Chavois the club rowing, horse riding, swimming and other sports activities to its added. It was not until 1910, after strong emphasis from the association, in particular by the association president Raymond Brard, football was tentatively added to the activities. The football experiment lasted only one year, and was then taken up in 1919 only about ten years later. The first official match was won in 1920 with 12-0 against Section Burdigalienne.

Bordeaux received his professional football status on July 2, 1936 merger with the adjacent sports club Girondins Bordeaux Gueyenne sports, which led to the club known today. Bordeaux's rise as a professional team went to coincide with the progressive professionalization of the French Football Federation vonstatten that did not exist before 1932. The association was assigned to the French second division and was in season 1937/38, made ​​his debut. The first coach of the club was the Spaniard Benito Diaz. This brought the Spanish players Urtizberea Santiago and Jaime Mancisidor the club. The latter served the club later as captain. The most famous French player of the club were the striker Henri Arnaudeau and the goalkeeper André Gérard. The first official game ended 2-1 and was held against the Alpine Club FC Scionzier on May 23, 1937. The first league game ended with 2:3 against Toulouse. The first victory was won against Nimes Olympique. The season ended the club on the 6th place in the final table. The disappointing conclusion meant that Bordeaux had to take part in the relegation Relegation, but where the team was able to demonstrate a respectable 3rd place. A year later moved to Bordeaux in the current stadium Chaban -Delmas, which was known as Parc Lescure before. The stadium was built specifically for the World Cup in 1938 and was subsequently determined for Girondins Bordeaux. Previously the club had ausgetreagen its games at the Stade Galin, which is now used as a training ground.

Success and stability

On October 15, 1940 Bordeaux merged with the local sports club AS Port and the famous to this day tradition of the Scapular, the triangle took over the club crest and on the shirts. Under the new name of the club Bordeaux ASP ran on the Scapular in the finals of the Coupe de France in 1941. The carried out in occupied France game was hosted at the stadium in Saint- Ouen and ended 2-0 against SC Fives with Urtizberea than twice the scorers. Victory in the Coup de France was the first great triumph of the association. In 1943 it was again in the finals of the Coupe de France with Olympique Marseille. The game was, however, lost 2-0. It was the first final defeat in a series of seven defeats that would last until the 80s. After the liberation of France Bordeaux climbed back into the league play and was promoted to the first division after they occupied before a 2nd place in the season 1948/49. After the season, then- coach André Gérard hired the Dutchman Bertus de Harder. By player de Harder, Édouard Kargu and Camille Libar Bordeaux won the following season 1949/50, the first league title in the club's history in the first season of his Erstligazugehörigkeit. The prosecutor Lille could be distanced with six points. The success entitled the club to the participation of the Coupe Latine, in which he played in the final 3-3 against Benfica and only lost in injury time of the repeat play by the only goal of the day.

Two seasons after their title win manefestierte Bordeaux claim her title by finishing as runner-up behind the season OGC Nice. 1952 and 1955 was the Coupe de France final will be achieved. In the first attempt, they failed it again at OGC Nice in a match with eight goals, five of them in the first 40 minutes, 5-3. Henri Baillot had since been cleared to 3:3. In the cup final 1955 Girondins was defeated by Lille 5-2 after 4-0 Lille took the lead after 35 minutes. The defeats of the Cup incident also depend on the League, as Bordeaux relegation in the 1955/56 season. The renewed rise in the season 1959/60 was followed by the immediate re- descent as a Table with only 21 points.

In the 1960s, Bordeaux could, with the former player Salvador Artigas as manager, to regain its former strength. Under Artigas Director of the rise in the 1961/62 season was perfectly done, followed by a respectable fourth place in the season 1962/63. The following season Bordeaux was represented again in the Cup final, where they lost again, however, this time with a 2-0 win against Olympique Lyon. Both goals were scored by Argentine Nestor Combin. The second place justified at least in participating in the Fairs Cup of the season 1964 /65. After a 4-3 on return game would retire early on against Borussia Dortmund from the competition. Four years later, it was again the Coupe de France final will be achieved - the seventh participation in the Cup final. Even against AS Saint- Etienne them no triumph was granted after a 2-1. The eighth attendance, one season later, brought no change. Again you failed 2-0 against Olympique Marseille. The team experienced in spite of access by Alain Giresse a strong qualitative decline during the 70s. The team had to work with seven different trainers and landed steadily in the lower half of the table. 1979, the Association of the influential and ambitious real estate mogul Claude Bez was sold, which began himself as president.

In summer 1983, the club organized a century tournament. Bordeaux won it 2-0 against FC Barcelona in the semi-finals of the tournament. In the final of own tournament one, however, was defeated by VfB Stuttgart.

Return to previous size

Led by the seventies sizes Giresse and Gernot Rohr won Bordeaux in the 1983/84 season his first league title since 1950. At the end of the season they were tied with the AS Monaco at the top of the table. Due to the direct comparison, Bordeaux was declared the champion. In the following season 1984/85 was won by four points clear again the title against second-placed FC Nantes. On the European stage was reached in the 1984/85 season the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup after beating Athletic Bilbao, Dinamo Bucharest and Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk before they lost to Juventus. In the 1986 Coupe de France Olympique Marseille was finally beaten 2-1. Tigana and Giresse were the two Bordeaux - scorers. In the finals of the Coupe de France was the first after eight attempts and the first Cup win since 1941. The following season the trophy was won again. Again, could be beaten by goals against Marseille by Phillippe Fargeon and Zlatko Vujovic. Bordeaux finished the season 1986/87 from the profit league title.

Under the leadership of Claude Bez, pumped millions into the club, the club managed to win three championships, two Coupe de France titles, and to convince the European Cup by himself. During the Bez- era went from the Bordeaux team several French international shows, for example, Bernard Lacombe, Jean Tigana, René Girard, Jean -Christophe Thouvenel and Thierry Tusseau. Bez also hired the incumbent coach Aime Jacquet.

After the successes of the 80s the French championship could be brought in the years 1999 and 2009 to Bordeaux last.

League membership

The Girondins were among the highest division (Division 1 since 2002 Ligue 1 named ) 1939-1943, 1944-1947, 1949-1956, 1959/60, from 1962 to 1991 and, after bankruptcy and relaunch, since 1992 until today. With 14-point game winning streak - 28 Gameday of the League Season 2008/ 09 to third matchday of the 2009/10 season including - they have set a new Erstligarekord.



  • French Champion: 1950, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1999, 2009
  • French Cup Winners: 1941, 1986, 1987, 2013
  • French Cup Runners-up: 1943, 1952, 1955, 1964, 1968, 1969
  • League Cup Winners: 2002, 2007, 2009
  • French Football Supercup: 2008, 2009


  • UEFA Intertoto Cup: 1995
  • Alps Cup: 1980
  • Finalist UEFA Cup: 1996
  • Finalist Coupe Latine: 1950

Squad for the season 2013/14

For the club's major players and coaches in the past

  • Allofs
  • Henri Arneaudeau
  • Patrick Battiston
  • Éric Cantona
  • Marouane Chamakh
  • André chorda
  • Didier Couécou
  • Héctor De Bourgoing
  • Bertus de Harder
  • Joop de Kubber
  • Didier Deschamps