1984–85 French Division 1

The 1984/85 season was the 47th staging of the professional French football Division 1 champions for the third year after 1950, the Girondins Bordeaux, who could repeat their previous success.

Were eligible to the clubs who had not completed the preseason worse than 17th place, and two direct promoted from the second division and the winner of the Relegation Round. Thus, in this season the following teams played for the title:

  • Two clubs from the far north ( Lille, Racing Lens )
  • Three from Paris or Burgundy (Paris Saint- Germain, Paris relegation winner Racing, AJ Auxerre),
  • Four from the Northeast (FC Metz, AS Nancy, Racing Strasbourg, FC Sochaux )
  • Five from the North West ( FC Rouen, Brest Armorica FC, ​​FC Nantes, promoted FC Tours, Stade Laval )
  • Two from the southwest ( defending champions Girondins Bordeaux, Toulouse ),
  • Three from the south-east ( climber Olympique Marseille, who renamed SC Toulon- Var, AS Monaco),
  • One from Corsica ( Bastia SEC ).

First match was August 17, 1984, last matchday of the 28. May 1985. A " winter break " there were between 22 December and 25 January.

History, results and tables

It was the two- point rule; case of a tie, the goal difference was the decisive factor for the placement.

Individual trade media themed before the season starts, the question whether the achieved by winning the European Championship and the Olympic gold medal in the summer of 1984, new international reputation of French football would have a positive impact on the league play. In fact, then a slight increase in viewership was observed, and just defending champion Bordeaux, from whose ranks four players ( Battiston, Tigana, Giresse, Lacombe ) belonging to the boning of the A- national team, obviously benefited from this momentum. This was reflected in the fact that the Girondins after the very tight championship output of the previous season, this time a real " walkthrough " succeeded, " almost as programmed and irresistible," or, in the words of Jean -Luc Ettori from competitors Monaco, "This year there was the Girondins - and then all the other teams. " Here, this superiority not even expressed so strongly in the table; Nantes had kept up until the completion of Hinserie and pointed at the end, only three points behind. But in between succeeded the "Yellow " not once, put an exclamation point at crucial moments. Around the turn of the year 1984/1985 had the Verkehrsunfalltod two players ( Seth Adonkor and Jean -Michel Labejof ) of the team apparently " a shock " and they lost, one in front of their home crowd, initially against Brest and then also against Bordeaux. In addition, the projection of these two teams was significantly on the third-placed Monaco, finally was eleven points for Bordeaux.

The team with the best defense and the best attack of the Division 1 defended her title thus sovereign, was at home in Parc Lescure only one meter from and, in spite of or because of a relatively high average age of around 30, including staff in all parts of the team a " Bordeaux Grand Cru ". This was also reflected in the European Champions Cup this season, in which the Girondins reached the semi-finals and on the way there yourself away lost not once had. At the lower end of the final table Marseille was the only one of the three climbers who could get the class, though just barely, and only on the last day. For the following season, replacing Le Havre AC and OGC Nice, the direct relegated Tours and Racing Paris, and in the subsequent Barrages also had Rouen a disadvantage compared to the Zweitdivisionär Stade Rennes.

Also in France had during this season of spreading themselves around the football stadiums in many parts of Europe hooliganism made ​​a negative impact, the end of May - was culminated in the disaster of Heysel - just one day after completion of Division 1. In particular, on the occasion of playing the Paris Saint- Germain FC had violent offenders used the sporting occasion for riots and fights and caused considerable damage, for example in Laval and Auxerre.

TV = title holder, A = Direct Movers, Movers, thanks A = Relegation victory

Players of the Master

During the season, the following 18 players were under coach Aimé Jacquet been used (in brackets: number of point games): Michel Audrain (20 ), Patrick Battiston (33 ), Fernando Chalana (10 ), Dominique Dropsy (38 ), Bernard Gimenez ( 9), René Girard (32 ), Alain Giresse (36 ), Hassan Hanini ( 1), Bernard Lacombe (36 ), Laurent Lassagne (11 ), Jose Lopez ( 2), Antoine Martinez (27 ), Dieter Müller ( 36), Gernot Rohr (32 ), Léonard Specht (38 ), Jean -Christophe Thouvenel (32 ), Jean Tigana (28 ), Thierry Tusseau (35).

For a complete list of shooters from Bordeaux's 70 hits is not available in the literature used. The most successful were: Lacombe 22, Muller 12, Giresse 11, Battiston 6, Girard 4

Most successful goal scorers

With a total of 979 goals in 380 matches, there was an average of 2.6 goals per game.