1983–84 French Division 1

The 1983/84 season was the 46th staging of the professional French football Division 1 champions were the second time after 1950, the Girondins Bordeaux.

Were eligible to the clubs who had not completed the preseason worse than 17th place, and two direct promoted from the second division and the winner of the Relegation Round. Thus, in this season the following teams played for the title:

  • Two clubs from the far north ( Lille, Racing Lens )
  • Two from Paris or Burgundy (Paris Saint- Germain, Auxerre ),
  • Four from the Northeast (FC Metz, AS Nancy, Racing Strasbourg, FC Sochaux )
  • Five from the North West ( FC Rouen, intermediate Rennes, Brest Armorica FC, ​​defending champions FC Nantes, Stade Laval )
  • Two from the southwest ( Girondins Bordeaux, Toulouse ),
  • Four from the southeast (AS Saint- Étienne, Relegation winners Olympique Nimes, newly promoted Sporting Toulon, AS Monaco),
  • One from Corsica ( Bastia SEC ).

First match was July 20, 1983, last matchday of the 2. May 1984. This early season finale was a long, undisturbed preparation for the European Championship finals in France and, later, the Olympic football tournament. Since it had at the same time still given a four-week winter break were quite a few "English weeks ' time - on the outcome of both events creates a very rewarding planning.

History, results and tables

It was the two- point rule; case of a tie gave the goal difference and, if necessary - as between Bastia and Laval - the higher number of goals scored the decisive factor for the placement.

Before the start of the season it had come in numerous Erstdivisionären to particularly intensive and costly activity in the transfer market. Thus reinforced Bordeaux, which had already invested in previous years, a lot of money in new signings, with three other French internationals ( Battiston, Tusseau, Zénier ); Monaco's new coach Lucien Muller was four New ( Bravo, Genghini, Le Roux, Krause ) installed in his desire team. But the climbers gave substantial amounts sufficient to increase with well-known or particularly talented players: Rennes took Stopyra and Hiard while the 35 -year-old Onnis the up in Toulon, which was the first place in 1981 returned to the professional leagues operating, the present ( 2012) should ensure successful league goalscorer of all time for hits in France, for which he Paganelli and Emon were set aside. Not only Rennes but had to make the experience that money does not score goals.

Bordeaux and Monaco fought over the entire season a head-to -head at the top, in the particular before the year-end break even title holders Nantes, Paris and - even well into the second half into it - were able to intervene the surprise team of Auxerre. The Girondins procured get a first psychological advantage, as they could hijack the points for the home strong " Yellow " from Nantes in late February. Also their 7-0 victory against Saint -Etienne had let the soccer interested public already sit up, and then they won six games in a row, but then subject to the Monegasque at 1-2. The decision was made on the 36th matchday: Bordeaux gained significantly in Auxerre pursuers, while the total outward successful team from Monaco not it past Toulouse in a draw, which was the point of a tie both teams for consistency. This remained until the end of the season so - both opponents gathered four points from the remaining matches - and the much better goal was the decisive factor in favor of the Girondins. This ended for Bordeaux, 34 years after the last title, a long losing streak in which it had reached five times only to runner; at the same time began the most successful period of the club's history.

At the bottom, Nîmes and Rennes already knew in April that they had to return to the Division 2 after only one season; took their places in the following season, Olympique Marseille and FC Tours. In contrast, only decided on the final day that Saint- Étienne for the league would have to fight in the Barrages - and it had the French giants, only three years after his tenth title win, lose out. From the descent of the "Green " benefited one of the oldest clubs in France: the Racing Club Paris, in 1932 one of the founding members of the League, won against Saint -Etienne 0-0 and 2-0 and was characterized as the second capital club again the footballing " House of Lords " in the country.

TV = title holder, A = Direct Movers, Movers, thanks A = Relegation victory

Players of the Master

During the season, the following 18 players were under coach Aimé Jacquet been used (in brackets: number of point games): Michel Audrain (9) Patrick Battiston (36 ), Christian Delachet (38) Raymond Domenech (22 ), René Girard ( 29 ), Alain Giresse (34 ), Hassan Hanini ( 3), Bernard Lacombe (35 ), Antoine Martinez ( 25), Caspar Memering (10 ), Dieter Müller ( 27), Gernot Rohr (32 ), Léonard Specht (35 ), Jean -Christophe Thouvenel (22 ), Jean Tigana (32 ), Marius Trésor (12 ), Thierry Tusseau ( 24), Bernard Zénier (25 )

For a complete list of shooters from Bordeaux's 72 hits is not available in the literature used. The most successful were: Lacombe 18, Giresse 16, Muller 14, Zénier 4, Battiston 3

Most successful goal scorers

With a total of 911 goals in 380 matches, there was an average of 2.4 goals per game.