Mike Myers

Mike Myers, actually Michael John Myers ( born May 25, 1963 in Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario ) is a Canadian film actor, screenwriter and film producer.


Mike Myers began his career in the film business mid-1970s with small roles in various American television series. From 1989 he was one of the writers of Saturday Night Live, in the same year, Myers was awarded this together with his numerous colleagues with the Emmy. He became famous for his first starring role in the hit comedy Wayne 's World, which emerged from a developed for Saturday Night Live character. He gained even greater notoriety primarily for his Austin Powers films in which he plays several roles simultaneously. The first part of this series came in 1997 under the title Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery which has been involved in the cinemas, Myers was in this movie as a screenwriter.

Acting- Myers is mainly in the genre of comedy active, occasionally he plays more serious roles such as in Studio 54 from the year 1998. Myers has received numerous awards in his career with the MTV Movie Award, such as in 2000 as " Best Villain " for his role as Dr. Evil in Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me. In 2007 he received the MTV Generation Award for his life's work. In 2002 he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

From 1993 to 2005 he was married to actress and author Robin Ruzan.

Even in 2008, Myers scored according to the American Forbes magazine's best-paid actors in Hollywood. Between June 2007 and June 2008, he received fees in the amount of 55 million U.S. dollars, for which the success of Shrek was particularly responsible, and ranked along with Eddie Murphy behind Will Smith (80 million U.S. dollars) and Johnny Depp ( 72 million. U.S. dollars) in third place.

However, 2008 also marked the beginning of a vast creative crisis. Myers ' film The Love Guru, in which he played the lead role and also co-wrote the screenplay, was almost unanimously panned not only by the movie critics, but was also a catastrophic commercial flop. Since then, Myers was no longer in front of the camera (his cameo in Inglourious Basterds had been turned before) and also did not result in more direct. From new projects is not known.

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