Jens Christian Hostrup

Jens Christian Hostrup ( born May 20, 1818 in Copenhagen, † November 21, 1892 in Hillerød ) was a Danish writer.


Hostrup got after studying a position as a private teacher and pastor. Under the influence of Johan Ludvig Heiberg and Ferdinand Raimund Hostrup began to write musical comedies. Exact milieu and character descriptions and accurate dialogs brought some success and premieres were all well received by critics. Hostrup also wrote many songs for the Danish peasant folk high school, which became very popular in part. Jens Christian Hostrup died on November 21, 1892 in Hillerød.


  • Gjenboerne. 1844
  • Eventyr paa Fodreisen. 1847
  • Komedier. 1900