John Powell (musician)

John Powell ( born September 6, 1882 in Richmond, Virginia; † August 15, 1963 in Charlottesville, Virginia) was an American pianist and composer.

Powell studied at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and was in Vienna since 1904, a student of Teodor Leszetycki and Karel Navratil. He has performed as a pianist until 1912 in Europe, then in the United States.

In addition to two symphonies, an overture and two orchestral pieces he composed a rhapsody nègre for Piano and Orchestra, a violin concerto, chamber music, piano pieces, choral works, songs and folk song arrangements.


  • Rhapsody nègre, 1919
  • Natchez on the Hill, 1932
  • The Babe of Bethlehem, 1934
  • Symphony in A, 1937
  • Symphony on Virginian folk themes, 1945