Ethel Barrymore

Ethel Barrymore (actually: Ethel Blyth ) ( born August 15, 1879 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, † June 18, 1959 in Beverly Hills, California ) was an American actress. She was honored for her performance in None But the Lonely Heart with the Oscar for best supporting actress.


Ethel Barrymore was the only daughter of Maurice Barrymore and Georgiana Drew and the sister of Lionel Barrymore and John Barrymore, and the great-aunt of Drew Barrymore. She made her debut with 15 on the side of her uncle John Drew and had her first appearance on Broadway in 1900 in the play Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines. Soon, she was considered the First Lady of the Stage, a title to which she vied with Laurette Taylor, Maude Adams, Katharine Cornell and later Helen Hayes. Ethel Barrymore played her first film role in 1914, but it was only after 1919 again on stage acting, with the exception of Rasputin - The demon of Russia, where she played in 1932 on the side of their brothers. Dissatisfied with the scripts that were offered to her, Barrymore turned back to the theater and was in 1940 in The corn is green to celebrate one of their greatest successes on the stage.

1944 Ethel Barrymore returned triumphantly to the canvas back and won for her portrayal of the dying mother of Cary Grant in None But the Lonely Heart on the Academy Awards 1945 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. The actress opted for a lasting career in the film and moved to Hollywood in order. Under contract with David O. Selznick Barrymore specializing in the representation cranky old women and mischievous ladies of high society. In the spiral staircase she mimed the psychotic mother of the murderer, in Pinky she played a bigoted racist who only lived through the acquaintance with the crossbread Pinkie a characterological change. In the The farmer's daughter, a comedy starring Loretta Young, her character was rather manipulative and calculating. Among the few sympathetic performances was her appearance in Jenny, where she represented the motherly friend of Joseph Cotten.

Ethel Barrymore was known for their black humor and one of the largest private collections of books in the U.S.. In her honor, was named a Broadway theater. A star on the Walk of Fame, height 7001 Hollywood Bouldevard, recalls the actress.


Broadway leading roles (selection)

Awards and nominations

  • Oscars 1945: Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress - None But the Lonely Heart
  • Oscars 1947: Nominations for Best Supporting Actress - The spiral staircase
  • Oscars 1948: Nominations for Best Supporting Actress - The Paradine Case
  • Oscars 1950: Nominations for Best Supporting Actress - Pinky