John Barrymore

John Barrymore John Sidney Blyth actually ( born February 14, 1882 in Philadelphia, † May 29, 1942 in Los Angeles ) was an American actor.


John Barrymore was the third son of the American theater actor couple Maurice Barrymore (actually: John Sidney Blyth ) and Georgie Drew, and his sister Ethel Barrymore and his brother Lionel Barrymore the youngest of the famous Fabulous Barrymores. All three siblings should be known stage and film actor. His granddaughter Drew Barrymore is also a famous actress.

John Barrymore made ​​his stage debut in 1903 in the play Magda. He soon became one of the most famous stage actor of his time thanks to successes in such plays as The Affairs of Anatol, Peter Ibbetson and Redemption. The highlight of his career on stage, he reached early 1920s with appearances in Richard III. and as Hamlet by William Shakespeare. He was then known as the Perfect profiles and was considered the man with the most beautiful voice in the world. His nickname The Great Lover referred to both his success as a performer of romantic hero as well as his numerous affairs.

As early as 1913 Barrymore had occurred for the first time in a movie and was in 1920 to celebrate a great success in the film version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, directed by John S. Robertson. Middle of the decade, he signed a very lucrative contract with Warner Brothers, which highlighted on a separate recordings in 1926 for the film Don Juan for the first time individual passages of the film with dialogues. The project's success laid the foundation for the talkies. The advent of the new medium helped the actor to a new career, as he could now bring his famous sonorous voice effectively used. Irving Thalberg lured the actor for a fee of up to $ 150,000 to MGM and made it in 1932, all three siblings for the drama Rasputin: to bring the demon of Russia before the camera. That same year, Barrymore starred opposite Greta Garbo in the strip people at the hotel on his still best-known role. One of his best illustrations he provided on the side of Katharine Hepburn in a divorce, where he plays a man who spends years because of a mental disorder in the sanatorium and at his daughter's wedding day turns up again. He had a very different role in Topaze as a charming con man who. With his mistress, played by Myrna Loy, a very big coup plans David O. Selznick, the producer of Topaze, Barrymore was in the following year two more good roles; the one in Dinner at Eight beside Marie Dressler and Jean Harlow as well as in night flight, where he worked om on the side of Clark Gable and Helen Hayes Eomer All- Star Cast.

His lifelong binge drinking made ​​sure that Barrymore was after 1935 increasingly difficult roles because he was prone to failure in a drunken state and his former good looks became increasingly ruined. In 1938 he was in Marie -Antoinette as aging, death consecrated Louis XV. to see. In his last years, John Barrymore starred in many B- movies that exploited his former glory and it usually represented as a caricature of himself. His daughter Diana Barrymore, who himself suffered all her life from alcoholism, her father described in her own biography, Too Much, Too Soon by 1957 as manipulative, pathological egomaniac. In the film version of Errol Flynn took over, then even been drawn by drug addiction, the part of John Barrymore.

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