Night Flight (1933 film)

Night Flight ( OT: Night Flight ) is an American movie from 1933 with an all-star cast, the Helen Hayes, Clark Gable, Lionel Barrymore, Robert Montgomery and Myrna Loy includes John Barrymore. The film is based on the novel by Antoine de Saint- Exupéry.


In Rio de Janeiro in the early 1930s breaks out polio. To save diseased children, the Trans - Andean European Air Mail, a private airline is instructed to collect the necessary serum from Santiago de Chile. In the course of the dramatic events of the pilot Jules Fabien comes in a crash to death, and only thanks to the courageous use of a Brazilian pilots can the serum be provided in time.


After the success of the film people in the hotel, the first time in 1932 occupied all leading roles with top stars and thus the All- Star Cast justified, a whole cycle began similar productions. MGM was hoping to have a similar success with night flight. But despite the Star banns, that was gathered for the cast, including Helen Hayes and Clark Gable, who only a short time previously performed together in The White Sister to film proved to end up being unpopular at the box office.

The script consisted of numerous, separate from each plot locations and episodes, so some of the stars had no scenes together. Although Helen Hayes plays the worried wife of Clark Gable, both of which are never seen together in front of the camera. Myrna Loy turned exclusively with William Gargan and met during the filming of any of her other co-stars.

Theatrical Release

The production cost was 499,000 dollars, despite a Star banns comparatively low budget. In the U.S. the film with 576,000 U.S. dollars played a relatively low value, came to the other 503,000 U.S. dollars from foreign markets. A cumulative total profit of 1,079,000 U.S. dollars gave the studio at the end of a magenen profit of only 176,000 U.S. dollars.


The review was positive.

The New York Times called the film a lively and passionate production ("a vivid and engrossing production" ).

Similarly positive Variety, where night flight was designated as competently staged history voiced ("a competently done saga" ).