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Heads of State

Year of the Wood Tiger甲寅( at the beginning of the year, water buffalo癸丑)

Era of Diocletian: 490/491 ( year November )

Syria: 1085/86 ( the year in October )


Politics and World Affairs


  • Easter: Charlemagne moved to Rome to Pope Hadrian I and reaffirms the Pippi niche donation.
  • June 4: During the Langobardenfeldzuges of Charlemagne, the Franks conquer nine -month siege the capital of the Lombards, Pavia, and later Bergamo.
  • June 5: The day after the ingestion of Pavia Charles the Great takes the title "King of the Lombards " to. In this office he replaces the defeated Desiderius, who is exiled to a Frankish monastery. Desiderius ' son Adelchis flees to Byzantium, but plays no further role. The integration of the Langobardenreiches in the Frankish Empire is strengthened by the establishment of Frankish nobles.
  • September 7: Charlemagne gives Fulrad abbot of Saint -Denis, near Paris, the "Villa Herbrechtingen ", first recorded mention Herbrechtingens, monastery founded by Fulrad
  • October: Battle of Berzitia
  • Invasion of the Saxons into the Frankish border area to Büraburg; besiege it, in vain, even the Büraburg, whereas the population Lars Fritz had fled. Fritzlar itself and the local Peter's Church fall prey to looting and arson. By invading Franks, the Saxons are sold again.
  • After the Frankish conquest of northern Italy, the Duchy of Benevento preserves a relative autonomy under Arichis II. The Duchy of Friuli is, however, converted into a Frankish Mark and Hrodgaud used as a ruler.
  • Offa of Mercia called for the first time as King of England.
  • Aethelred I. becomes King of Northumbria. He will succeed the deposed Ealchred.
  • Silo, the son of Alfonso I becomes King of Asturias in place of Aurelio.
  • Loup II Duke of Gascony is, it triggers Loup I. from.

Ersturkundliche mentions

  • Allach, Dexheim, Dortelweil Glonn, Gronau in Hesse, Gundheim, Haßmersheim, Herbrechtingen, Hessigheim, Krofdorf, Mossingen, Schefflenz and rams are first mentioned.


  • September 25: The first Salzburg Cathedral is consecrated by Abbot-Bishop Virgil.
  • Charlemagne rises Fulda to the kingdom monastery with immunity rights. Also Kempten ( Allgäu) obtains the rights of an independent abbey.
  • Consecration of the monastery church of Lorsch in the presence of Charlemagne; a royal palace is completed.

Nature and Environment

  • 774/775: According to a scientific hypothesis meets an exceptionally strong showers of cosmic rays, the earth, which leads to an increase in the C14 content of 1.2% and also at significantly higher levels of beryllium-10 (Be -10).


  • July 27: Kūkai, a Buddhist scholar and artist in Japan ( † 835)


  • Abu Mikhnaf, Arab historian
  • Al - ʿ ī Auza, Islamic legal scholar
  • Aurelio, King of Asturias (* 740 )
  • Warin, Frankish nobleman
  • Zufar ibn al - Hudhail, Islamic religious scholar (* 728 )