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Krofdorf - Gleiberg has about 5,000 inhabitants and belongs to the municipality of betting mountain in the district of Gießen. The local situation extends across northern and eastern slopes of the sliding hill to the north almost to the southern edge of the Krofdorfer forest. To the east of the anti- Bach ( Kattenbach ), in the west of Fohnbach ( Kropbach ) flows past the site. The settlement area is approximately 130 ha


On December 15, 774 Krofdorf was first mentioned in the Lorsch Codex. The counts of Gleiberg that time, the sub- county Ruchesloh owned, built on the 308 m high basalt cone Gleiberg the Gleiberg, which is available as an imposing ruin today. The castle Vetzberg whose ruin is only about 2 miles away on a basalt cone was a Vogt castle ( " Burg Voigt " = " Vetzberg " ) of the sliding Berger counts.

Previously was Krofdorf - Gleiberg from two different villages. The current limit is the Kinzenbacherstraße.

On January 1, 1977, the then independent municipality in the course of municipal reform in Hesse, a part of the municipality Wettenberg the newly founded city of Lahn. In its resolution on 1 August 1979 betting mountain became an independent municipality in the district of Gießen.


Geographically the location is situated at the transition region between Gladenbacher Bergland and Giessen pool. The altitude ranges from 155 m to 350 m above sea level. NN. The mean annual temperature is 7.5-8.5 ° C, the mean annual precipitation about 650 mm. In addition to a richly textured agricultural use to the local situation the district is characterized by a high proportion of forest ( Krofdorfer forestry and forest Launsbacher ). A gem is the nature reserve wood forest, which was created by the removal of soil material for the construction of the motorway embankment of the A480. The 9 -acre reserve is located south of the local situation and is significant for various bird, amphibian and insect species. Outstanding from conservation point of view is the high Mehlschwalbe stock ( 2006: about 400 breeding pairs, 2007: 350 breeding pairs ) is due, the intense conservation efforts and the construction of the Swallow house.

Culture and sights

  • The Gleiberg castle attracts many visitors. From it one has a view to the Westerwald in the West, via the Hessian hinterland to the north, the Vogelsberg Mountains in the east and in the Wetterau in the south. On the Gleiberg various events are held, the gastronomy is known nationwide.
  • The Margarethenkirche Krofdorf received its present form in 1513. Unique in Hesse is the Gothic wooden pier construction. Built around 1350, St. Catherine's Church Gleiberg received their characteristic L- shape during the Thirty Years' War.
  • Every year the festival " Golden Oldies " in Krofdorf - Gleiberg on the last weekend in July will take place, which attracts over 70,000 visitors from all over Germany: It play 50 bands on 10 stages, primarily with music from the 50s and 60s. Over 1000 cars of past decades are to be admired. There is also a petticoat Competition and a large 50s market with original item from the period.


  • Krofdorf - Gleiberg has a diverse and modern infrastructure: In Krofdorf there is a shopping street with shops that cover the daily needs.
  • The direct connection to the Giessen ring makes Krofdorf - Gleiberg into an attractive residential and commercial area.
  • In Krofdorf - Gleiberg is the local government of the municipality betting mountain.


Krofdorf Gleiberg has two, on the south and the northern edge of the local area connected industrial areas. Resident companies include:

  • Schunk GmbH Sonosystems
  • Schunk Bahn-und Industrietechnik GmbH
  • CONTI sanitary fittings GmbH
  • Kopas packaging machines GmbH
  • Elan switching elements GmbH & Co. KG
  • PVA Tepla AG
  • Plus value GmbH - Agency for Digital Marketing
  • Ibo Consulting and Training GmbH
  • Ibo Software GmbH


  • Klaus Daubertshäuser (1943-2008), member of the Bundestag (SPD) and Manager