Gleiberg (Vulkan)

View from North to Gleiberg

The Gleiberg is the out -prepared by ablation vent filling of a ( tertiary ) extinct volcano in the named after him, sliding Berger country in Central Hesse. The mountain is located in the municipality of betting mountain, its peak there is the Gleiberg.

Geology and Geography

The Gleiberg is an existing basaltic volcanic cone typical mountain and rises 308 meters above sea level. It belongs to the geomorphology of former volcanic activity dominated landscape of central Hesse. It is located about 5 kilometers north of Giessen, in the midst of the congregation betting mountain. Adjacent known extinct or only partially active volcanoes are in the Vogelsberg, Amoeneburg stubble mountain, and in the immediate vicinity of Vetzberg. Limiting Central Mountains are the Taunus, Westerwald, the Rothaar and the castle forest.