Ned Washington

Ned Washington ( born August 15, 1901 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, † December 20, 1976 in Beverly Hills, California ) was an American songwriter. He wrote the lyrics of Jazz standards Stella by Starlight and On Green Dolphin Street. For When You Wish upon a Star for Pinocchio and Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darlin ', the theme tune of Twelve clock noon (1952 ), he won an Oscar.

Life and work

Ned Washington began his career - like many of his colleagues - in vaudeville as a musical director, agent and finally as a songwriter. In the late 1920s, he came to New York and brought a song (My Arms Are Open) in the revue Earl Carroll 's Varieties of 1928, he had written with his temporary employee Michael Cleary. From 1929 he produced a large number of songs for the then expanding industry of movie musicals; in the early 1930s, as the boom subsided, he focused more on popular songs and Broadway scripts. In 1932 he had his first major success with I Do not Stand a Ghost of a Chance, which was to become a jazz standard, particularly by Billie Holiday and the Victor Young and Bing Crosby participated. The next hit was 1932 Got the South in my Soul, in which he worked alongside Young with Lee Wiley. 1933 followed by the team of the song Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere. After that came with the composer George Bassman of the classics I'm Getting Sentimental Over You.

In 1935, Washington went to Hollywood and spent the remainder of his career in the film industry. In this year he wrote - along with Bronislau Kaper and Walter Jurmann - for the Marx Brothers film scandal at the opera song Cosi Cosa. The satirical song then held many viewers for a true Neapolitan folk song. 1937 originated with Hoagy Carmichael song The Nearness of You. In 1940 he wrote When You Wish Upon a Star for the Walt Disney animated film Pinocchio. For the Disney studios, he also wrote songs for the animated films Dumbo (1941 ) and The Three Caballeros in Samba Fever ( 1943). At a later often interpreted jazz standard was Washington and Victor Young's masterpiece from 1944, Stella by Starlight, which they had written for the movie The Uninvited. Another jazz classic was the much- played song On Green Dolphin Street, which he wrote in 1947 with Caper and the later Miles Davis interpreted. Dimitri Tiomkin with he was on for the title song of the Western Classic 12 clock noon ( High Noon, 1952 ) and the war film jump, march, march! ( Take the High Ground, 1953) responsible. Washington's last hit was 1965, the theme song for Stanley Kramer's film The Ship of Fools (Ship of Fools, 1953), which he co-wrote with Ernest Gold.

Washington was 1940-1962 nominated for eleven Academy Awards. He won the Oscar for the best film music for When You Wish Upon a Star ( in the animated film Pinocchio (1940 ) and High Noon ( Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darlin ') in the eponymous film of 1952.

Ned Washington was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. The Walt Disney Company appointed him posthumously in 2001 on the Disney Legend.

Other well-known songs

  • Rawhide (music by Dimitri Tiomkin, 1958)
  • Wild Is the Wind ( music by Dimitri Tiomkin, 1956)
  • 3:10 to Yuma (title song from Count to three and pray, music by George Duning 1957)
  • The High and the Mighty ( Dimitri Tiomkin music, 1954)
  • My Foolish Heart ( music by Victor Young, 1950)
  • Smoke Rings (music by H. Eugene Gifford, 1933)
  • Singin 'in the Bathtub ( with Herb Magidson, music by Michael H. Cleary, 1929)