Saludos Amigos

Walt Disney Lee Blair Mary Blair English speaker:

  • Goofy Pinto Colvig
  • José Carioca José Oliveira
  • Donald Duck Clarence Nash
  • Narrator Frank Lee Graham, Fred Shields
  • Artist Frank Thomas

Saludos Amigos, ' sold in German-speaking countries before 2004 under the titles Three Caballeros in Samba fever and greet you, is the sixth full-length animated film the Walt Disney Studios and dates from 1943. Filmed in lavish Technicolor process film is the first of six films 1943-1949, which consist of various segments rather than a single story. In Germany, the film had on 17 March 1953 in Austria on March 26, 1954 premiere.


The film is composed of four animated segments that are connected by a real film frame story:


At 43 minutes running time, Saludos Amigos is currently the shortest feature-length animated film the Walt Disney Studios.

The world premiere was on 24 August 1942 in Rio de Janeiro and the film becoming the first Disney film that has not premiered in the United States. In the U.S., he began on February 6, 1943; a re-release followed in 1949. In the 1980s, he was released on video in 1995 on Laserdisc and 2004 DVD. The title song was also featured in the sequel to " The Three Caballeros " ( The Three Caballeros, 1944) re-used as background music.

The Samba - a Samba exaltada, to be exact - Aquarela do Brasil, also simply known as Brazil, became world- famous by the film and descriptive footage has since been often used for acoustic accompaniment of Brazil.

Both in America and in Germany is on the DVD as well as more recent video releases a short scene censored in the Goofy smoking a cigarette. José " Zé " Papagaio but must continue to attract his inflamed by Donald cigar.


Academy Awards 1944

  • Nomination for Charles Wolcott (music) and Ned Washington ( lyrics ) for Best Song ( " Saludos Amigos " )
  • Nomination for Edward H. Plumb, Paul J. Smith and Charles Wolcott for Best Film Music
  • Nomination for C.O. Slyfield for Best Sound

For the song Brazil also used in this film (long title: Aquarela do Brasil ) received Ary Barroso in 1944 an Oscar nomination for use in the movie " Brazilian Serenade" (Brazil, 1944).


  • " Humorous musical journey through South America. Pretty ideas, bizarre characters, this time less caricatured incomprehensible than usual for children under 12. "- 6000 movies. Critical Notes from the cinema from 1945 to 1958. Handbook V of the Catholic Film Critics, 3rd Edition, Publishing House Altenberg, Dusseldorf 1963, p 368



  • USA: Saludos Amigos, 1995


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  • Germany: Saludos Amigos, Buena Vista, 2004

Movie Documentary

  • In the south of America (Original Title: South of the Border With Disney). American documentary film about the filming of 1942 Running Time:. 32 minutes. Director: Norman Ferguson - the "Making Of" is also on the German DVD (2004) included