Stanislaus Kostka

Stanislaus Kostka (Polish Stanisław Kostka; born October 28, 1550 Castle Rostkowo, Mazovia, † August 15, 1568 in Rome) was a Polish Jesuit and is a saint of the Catholic Church.


Stanislaus Kostka came from a family coat of arms of the " Dąbrowa " within the Polish nobility. For his 17th birthday, he entered the novitiate of the Jesuits. Even before he attended the Jesuit College in Vienna. He was said to have a deep piety and kindness. Early on, he had the desire to join the Jesuits. Since Stanislaus but was noble and the Order feared the intervention of his parents, was denied the recording. So he fled overnight from school and walked on foot to Rome. In the meantime, he lived a month in Jesuit center in Dillingen on the Danube. There he was held in St. Peter Canisius a benevolent supporter who recognized his vocation to the religious life. Then in October 1567 he arrived in Rome and was received into the Order. Only a year later he died of a fever, on the feast of Mary's Assumption into heaven, the Patroziniums the Jesuit church in Vienna.

Stanislaus Kostka was beatified in 1605, and on December 31, 1726 his solemn canonization took place. His feast day is November 13. He is often depicted with boys' garments or as a Jesuit with lily, baby Jesus and pilgrim's staff.

He is a National Patron saint of Poland and the student youth, as well as patron of altar and the Jesuit novices.

His apartment in Vienna ( Innere city, Kurrentgasse 2) was soon (1582 ) converted into a chapel, which was equipped rich after his canonization in the Rococo style. On the 13th of November and the week after it is open for visitors.

The Paraguayan city of San Estanislao is named after him, as are the Canadian municipality of Saint - Stanislas -de- Kostka in the province of Quebec.


Grant me, O my God and Father, such courage and such perseverance in your services, as you have given your servant Stanislaus; take away from me all fear of man and help me in humility and purity to walk in front of you until the end. Amen.