Werner Hinz

Werner Hinz ( born January 18, 1903 in Berlin, † 10 February 1985 in Hamburg ) was a German actor.


Werner Hinz studied at the Max Reinhardt School of the German theater and debuted in 1922 with the play Spring Awakening by Frank Wedekind. His film debut was in 1935 with the film The old and the young king. 1940/41, he embodied in the Nazi propaganda film Ohm Krüger the son of the Boer leader.

As a voice actor he lent et al Gregory Peck ( Macomber Affair ), Michel Piccoli ( The Leap into the Void ), Stephen McNally ( Winchester '73 ) and Ralph Richardson (Anna Karenina, 1947 Little heart in need ) his voice.

In 1949 he was awarded for his performance in Bertolt Brecht's Mother Courage and Her Children at the Berliner Ensemble in a collective the National Prize of the GDR. For his work, Werner Hinz in 1968 was honored with a Bambi. In 1984 he received from the members of the Hamburg Volksbühne the honorary prize Silver mask. 1983 gave to him the Golden Camera.

Werner Hinz was married to actress Ehmi Bessel. Her two children Knut and Michael were also an actor. The daughter Dinah, who came from a relationship of Ehmi by plane General Ernst Udet, was an actress.

Werner Hinz is buried at the cemetery in Berlin Dahlem.