Ranavalona III.

Ranavalona III. ( Born November 22, 1861 in Amparibe, † May 23, 1917 in Algiers, Algeria) was the last ruler of the Kingdom of Madagascar and reigned from 1883 to 1897.

On November 22 1883 she was crowned as the successor Ranavalonas II to the queen. During her reign, it was the first war with France. This ended in a significant weakening of their position. On December 12, 1887, had to sign a contract that France admitted participation rights.

1896 France attacked the island kingdom again, Madagascar became a French protectorate. Formally was Ranavalona III. continue the ruler. That changed a year later: The French General Joseph Gallieni put the Queen on 28 February 1897, she banished into exile in Algeria, where she died in 1917.

1938 her remains were transferred to Madagascar and was buried in the royal tombs in Ambohimanga.