Rasoherina (* 1814, † April 1, 1868 ) was ruler of the Kingdom of Madagascar from 1863 to 1868.

Rasoherina that actually Rabodo was called, took over after the violent death of her husband and cousins ​​Radama II dominion over Madagascar. But real power exercised the reigning since 1852 Prime Minister Raharo. This was but promoted in July 1864 from the Office and Rainilaiarivony entered in its place. The Queen had a constitution work which foreigners and local Christians granted more rights. At the same time the nobles and chiefs more say was granted.

With the UK a comprehensive friendship, peace and trade treaty was concluded on 27 June 1865. In order not to annoy the French, who had secured on the coast bases, the provisions made ​​in the Treaty of Antananarivo were later extended to all foreign countries. In the agreement, the queen also committed to the effective abolition of slavery.

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  • King (Madagascar)
  • Born in 1814
  • Died in 1868
  • Woman