Bruno Diekmann

Bruno Diekmann ( born April 19, 1897 in Kiel, † January 11, 1982 ) was a German politician of the SPD and 1949-1950 Minister -President of Schleswig -Holstein.

Life and career

After an electrician teaching and attending the school of engineering Diekmann was as Telefonbau engineer until 1933, an employee of the " German Werke AG " in Kiel. After the seizure of power by the Nazis in 1933, he came first in "protective custody". After his release, he worked as a telecommunications technician. From 1939, he was then head of the central office of the Naval Station East. 1944 there was a renewed imprisonment in the concentration camp Neuengamme. From 1951 on, he was a board member of the " Deutsche Werke AG ".


Diekmann was since 1919 a member of the SPD and a member of the local council in Kiel. Since 1948 he was a member of the Economic Policy Committee of the whole party.

Member of Parliament

From 1929 to 1933 Diekmann was a city councilor in Kiel.

From 1946 to 7 January 1954, he was Member of Parliament in Schleswig -Holstein. From 11 April to 11 June 1946, he was head of the Committee of Economy and Transport. From October 10 1950 to October 2, 1953, he was leader of the SPD parliamentary party and opposition leaders.

The German Bundestag belonged Diekmann at 1953-1969. He was there from 1953 to 1957 and Chairman from 1965 to 1969 Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Post and Telecommunications.

Public offices

On 12 June 1946 he was in the cabinet of Steltzer Minister of Economy and Transport. He held until August 6, 1948 this office. On 2 February 1948, he was also under Hermann Lüdemann Deputy Prime Minister and also took over the post of Minister of Food, Agriculture and Forestry, which he continued to the Prime Minister after his election.

On 29 August 1949 he was elected Prime Minister of the State of Schleswig -Holstein. In the 1950 state election, the SPD lost its absolute majority, reaching only 27.5 % of the vote. Then chose a coalition of BHE, CDU, FDP and DP CDU candidate Walter Bartram to Diekmann successor.


The grave Bruno Diekmann is located on the South Cemetery in Kiel.

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